Arrested For DUI In Las Vegas? Here Is What You Need To Know.
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Arrested For DUI In Las Vegas? Here Is What You Need To Know.

So you are here in town on vacation or on a business trip, and during some downtime you had a few too many drinks at the hotel bar. Yea, you know you shouldn’t drive but you did anyway and you got popped by the cops for DUI. You probably thought that because Las Vegas is a party town that the cops here would understand and go easier on a DUI charge than they would back home. Now you are finding out the hard way that they are actually really strict about DUI in Las Vegas, and being from out of town is not going to get you any special considerations. If you are local you might think the same thing, only you probably thought that you could use the “local” excuse to get off. Chances are that you found out that was wrong, and now you need to know what is going to happen to you. Las Vegas cops are really strict on DUI, and they are probably going to go by the book as much as possible. Lets look at a few different scenarios that might be happening and see if we can help you out.

If you are reading this before you ever got into the car and drove drunk, then please take everything we say as a warning to not do it. The best defense you have against a DUI conviction is not getting caught DUI in the first place, so if we can get you to avoid it all together it is best. Call a friend, a cab, an Uber or anyone else. Beg a stranger to drive you home. Walk from wherever you are. Anything is better than getting behind the wheel.

If you were in an accident and you were DUI, you are probably in a lot of trouble right now. If you are at the scene of the accident and you are waiting for the cops to arrive, do not admit anything. Refuse to answer all questions and refuse to take the field-sobriety tests. Yes they are going to arrest you. Yes they are going to take a blood test when you get to the station. There is a possibility that we can get you off on technicalities if you do not incriminate yourself and admit to being DUI. Do not think that you are going to talk your way out of it by saying “I only had one drink” or anything like that. You must realize that you are going to be arrested no matter what you say, so you need to say absolutely nothing.

If you have been pulled over before you ever got into an accident, you need to admit nothing. If the cop asks if you have been drinking the answer is “no.” If he asks you to take any test at all and you have been drinking, then you must refuse to take the tests. You are not going to beat them, and if he has a suspicion that you have been drinking he is not going to let you off. If you have not had a drink tonight then take the tests and you will pass, but if you have had even one drink in the last hour then you must refuse the tests and allow him to arrest you. Do not say a word, and call a Las Vegas DUI lawyer like THE VEGAS LAWYERS.

If you have already been arrested and are facing charges, call us immediately. Do not say another word to anyone before talking to us, even if they tell you that you have to answer them. It is your right to refuse to answer questions. Once we are in contact with you, we can assess the best path forward based on what you have told them and what the specifics of the arrest were. We will go to court with you, and be there for you during the entire process. The best outcome will be that we get the case completely thrown out. The worst outcome could be jail time if you hurt someone. Rach DUI case is different and the earlier you involve a DUI lawyer the better off you will be.