Best Criminal Lawyers In Las Vegas
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Best Criminal Lawyers In Las Vegas

OK you have been charged with a crime. They arrested you and you are either out on bail or you are still in jail, wondering what you should do next. Maybe your loved ones are trying hard to get your bail money together, or are busy trying to figure out exactly what to do. It is a confusing and scary time, and if you have never been through an arrest before it can be downright terrifying. How is this going to impact you for the rest of your life? Are you going to go to jail? Are you going to lose your job? All of these are legitimate questions and you are going to need answers fast, because what happens in the next few days is probably going to decide how badly you will be harmed by the arrest. You need to think clearly and you need to get a criminal defense lawyer working on your case immediately. This is not the time to try and save money by using the public defender or a cheap lawyer from some strip mall. This is going to impact the rest of your life if you don’t handle it correctly, so it is no time to trust your life to amateurs.

If you are not from Las Vegas and got arrested while you are here on vacation or during a work event or convention, you are probably confused about the next steps. If you are not in jail any more, will your boss find out? Will your family and friends find out? Will you have to fly back to Las Vegas to appear in front of a judge? Let’s answer a few of these questions so that you can start this process without any mistakes. First off, if you are not from Las Vegas you are going to have to come back in order to appear in front of the judge. The only way around this is if you hire the best criminal lawyers in Las Vegas to represent you, and they can appear for you. You are also going to have notifications about your court date sent to your home, so you need to be prepared to receive the mail that someone else might find. Depending on how serious the charges are, you may or may not have to be present. A criminal defense lawyer is going to research your case themselves, and are not going to just file it away with all the other cases the way the public defender will. Our firm has our own investigators and legal assistants that will find out all of the facts about your arrest, and will look for any issues with the arrest that might make it illegal. If we can find issues that were present or procedures that were not followed by the police, we can probably get the charges dismissed or reduced. There is a chance you will receive no conviction and will be able to resume your life as if nothing happened.

The main thing to remember is to not take this lightly. Choosing the wrong criminal defense lawyer can ruin your life.