Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving
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Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving

If you are pulled over by the police in Las Vegas after having a couple of drinks, there is a good chance you are going to end up with a DUI. The reasons are very simple and straight forward, that a cop is going to ask you if you have been drinking specifically to get you to incriminate yourself. Most DUI arrests are not for people who are slobbering drunk, and instead are going to happen to people who do not understand what the legal limit is. They “think they are fine” when in reality they will test as over the limit, which is going to give them the DUI conviction. If you admit to drinking in an attempt to prove to the cops that you are not drunk and all of the evidence he has noticed about you is not valid, then you are just going to make his life easier. He is looking for a few specific things that will make the arrest stick, you to admit you have broken the law and for you to provide concrete evidence that your asking for mercy is not valid because you are guilty. When you are pulled over for DUI, it is usually not a random stop. It is because you did something wrong that either leads the cop to believe you have been drinking, of that simply was against the law. When he gets to the car he is looking for more evidence, like if you smell like alcohol or have bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. All of these things are going to be used as the justification as to why he pulled you over. When he asks if you have been drinking and you say “yes, but I only had one” you have validated his suspicions and admitted guilt. All he needs now is to get the evidence he needs to convict you. That will come in the form of the field sobriety tests.

If you have been drinking ore than one drink in the last hour, your blood alcohol level is probably over the legal limit of .08%. This limit is .04% if you are a commercial driver or .02% if you are under 21. If you are within the “less than one drink” parameters and you are of normal size, then there is a chance that you can beat the DUI charges by passing the tests. If you have had more than one drink you will fail and they will use the field sobriety tests to convict you. Telling the cop that you have only had one drink is not going to get him to let you go, and you were going to be arrested anyway. If he was to let you continue to drive and you would hurt someone, then he would lose his job. He is going to arrest you, so you need to refuse the tests and simply be arrested for refusal. Once you are at the station and booked, call the best DUI lawyers in Las Vegas and we will work on getting the charges dropped because there is no evidence that was collected in the field. You do not have any other viable options, so be smart.