Can I Be Arrested For Soliciting A Prostitute In Las Vegas?
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Can I Be Arrested For Soliciting A Prostitute In Las Vegas?

So you are in Las Vegas and you are lonely. There’s a lot going on out there in the city and you just wish you had someone to spend some time with. It’s hard to meet girls in bars or nightclubs, and you just aren’t that good at pickup lines anyway. So you are walking down the strip and you see a billboard rolling by on the back of a truck, and it says “girls direct to you.” A few more blocks and a guy in a yellow t-shirt hands you a flier that says something similar, with a picture of a hot girl on it with a phone number. Can it really be as easy as that? Can you really just call a phone number off an advertisement in Las Vegas and a woman will show up at your door? You can’t remember what you heard in the past about hookers in Las Vegas, but you know that there are brothels around here because you have seen them on reality TV shows. So you decide to call the number. A few hours later a woman shows up at your hotel room and you ask her how much it would cost for her to have sex with you. Now you are sitting in a jail cell wondering what happened.

Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. This is the law because Nevada only allows brothels to operate within counties with populations less than 700,000. Clark and Washoe Counties (Las Vegas and Reno) both do not fit into the legal parameters to allow brothels, which is the only place where prostitution is allowed. Even in counties where prostitution is legal, there are still regulations on where and how it can be performed, so don’t think that girls standing on street corners anywhere in Nevada are legal prostitutes or sex workers. There are 21 brothels operating legally in Nevada in 7 counties that allow prostitution, so if you really need to hire a prostitute go there and do it legally.

Any woman in Las Vegas who comes up to you in a casino, bar or on the street and alludes to the fact that she will have sex with you in exchange for money or gifts is a prostitute, do not hire her or you can get busted. Any escort or stripper that you hire who starts alluding that she will have sex with you in exchange for money or gifts is a prostitute and you can get busted hiring her. If they bust you for soliciting a prostitute it is a misdemeanor and you will probably not have to go to jail for it. However you will have to appear in front of a judge in Las Vegas, which will mean a return trip to Vegas just to go to court. You will also probably get a notice to appear mailed to your home address. Both of these can be extremely embarrassing if friends or family was to find out, but luckily you can hire us to appear in court on your behalf. That means that we can go to court for you and you do not have to show up again in Las Vegas. If the girl you silicited happens to be under 18 it is a felony charge and it is not so easy to handle.

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