Can My Boss Fire Me For A DUI?
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Can My Boss Fire Me For A DUI?

If you have been arrested on a DUI charge in Las Vegas, you are facing some potential punishments that may change your life for a long time. If it is your first DUI, and you provided evidence like a breathalyzer test or admitting to drinking and driving, you are probably going to get at least the minimum sentence. That is at least 2 days in jail (which the judge may allow for time served as your arrest and imprisonment goes towards that total) but can be upwards of 6 months in jail under some circumstances. You will probably get some community service, have to attend classes and will have to pay a fine and court fees. You may lose your license for a time period and have to stay out of trouble for seven years or be incarcerated for six months. These things alone are probably going to make your life very difficult, but there are other potential consequences that can also impact you. A DUI first is not a felony, but it can impact your job in Las Vegas.

Nevada is a “work at will state,” which essentially means that your boss can fire you for any reason except things that are specifically illegal like discrimination based on race or religion. This status gives employers the ability to fire you if they feel you do not fit appropriately into the work culture, or might pose a threat to the business. Either of these justifications can be used to fire you from your job if you receive a DUI, even if you do not drive as part of your work. Your employer can fire you simply because they believe you are the type of person who will not perform their duties to their fullest extent. Employers routinely look at social media accounts of employees to get a sense of their personalities, and ultimately they can very easily decide that they do not want to employ you because you have committed a crime. Even if you got your DUI in the past and never did anything to get into trouble again, there is still a good chance that an employer will choose someone else for a job or even fire you if they find out you were convicted. Only after seven years can you get your records sealed so this cannot be found by potential employers. Until then, you face all of the issues that go with having committed a crime.

This is one of the main reasons that it is so important to hire a DUI lawyer to represent you. The best outcome would be a successful challenging of the arrest or the tests administered in order to get the charges dropped. Any conviction even with the most minimum punishment can still follow you into your future this way, so it is important for you to protect yourself as much as possible by trying to get the case thrown out. Only an experienced DUI attorney can accomplish this. The choice is yours.