Can You Smoke Marijuana In A Las Vegas Hotel Room?
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Can You Smoke Marijuana In A Las Vegas Hotel Room?

Ever since marijuana for recreational use was legalized in Nevada in 2017, there have been a lot of questions about what you can and cannot do. Residents of Las Vegas are confused about the specifics of the laws, and tourists who come to Las Vegas are even more confused. The laws themselves are pretty vague, and although the one thing that is understood is that you can legally purchase marijuana for recreational use in Las Vegas, there are a lot of aspects that surround that purchase that are not understood by most people. One of the biggest questions that is posed by people who are coming to Las Vegas with the intention of legally buying and using marijuana is “where can I smoke it?” This is a good question with some very specific answers, and not knowing the law is probably not going to get you out of trouble if you are targeted by the police. Yes, there is a sense of “going easy on people” from most police officers, who understand that you are not trying to break the law. But there is no reason to give them something to bust you for. So lets get into “marijuana laws in Las Vegas.”

You can legally buy marijuana at a dispensary in Las Vegas as long as you are over 21 and have a valid form of ID showing your picture and a birth date. You only have to be 18 to purchase if you have a medical marijuana card, and you can purchase more marijuana as well. Medical users can buy and hold up to 2.5 ounces at any time, but recreational users can only buy and hold up to one ounce. Yes, you could go to multiple dispensaries and buy the maximum at each place, but if you are caught by the police holding more than one ounce you can get into trouble. The penalties can be severe, with fines imposed and potentially even jail time. It is best to only buy up to the legal limit of one ounce, and that amount will last most people for almost a week. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should, or that you need to.

Once you have purchased marijuana at the dispensary, you are not allowed to operate a motor vehicle with it within arm’s reach of the driver or any minors. That means that anywhere inside the cab of the car is not legal, and a cop can arrest you for it. Keep the marijuana you have just purchased in the trunk of the car, and keep it inside the airtight bag it came in. Do not operate any motor vehicle if you have been smoking weed recently. This is because the legal limits for DUI are extremely low for marijuana, and you can easily test positive and over the legal limit even days after smoking or ingesting it. Heavy users can actually test positive for weeks after the last time they used it, so you are essentially over the legal limit even though you may not be high any more. This issue with regards to the limits that can cause a DUI need to be addressed by our government, so get involved by contacting your local officials if this issue matters to you.

If you are going to a home that you own or rent, or to a friend’s home then you can use the marijuana you have just purchased there. You cannot use it in the car, on the street, in a casino, in a theater, in the park, in the mall or anywhere else that is a public space. To repeat, if you are a tourist you are not allowed to take the legal weed you have just purchased back to your hotel room and smoke it. The hotel is private property that you do not own, and almost no hotel is going to allow you to smoke weed in their rooms. If you do, you can expect a visit from security or the cops. The only place that you are legally allowed to smoke weed in Nevada is inside a private residence where the owner has provided permission. Everything else can get you busted.

Party safe. Party smart. If you get busted in Vegas, call TVL at 702-707-7000.