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Cocaine Charges

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Arrested for cocaine crimes in Las Vegas? Call THE VEGAS LAWYERS at 702-780-6718


What is the maximum sentence for cocaine charges in Nevada? Cocaine charges can bring a variety of sentences, depending on the amount you possessed and the actual charge. Large trafficking charges can bring a sentence of 10 years to life in prison.  Possession can bring sentences of 1-4 years in prison.


Is cocaine legal in Las Vegas? No. Possession, use or trafficking in cocaine can bring serious criminal charges. Cocaine, is a Schedule II drug and is illegal everywhere in the United States. The lawyers at TVL have experience negotiating, resolving or otherwise getting cocaine charges dismissed. In the party atmosphere of Las Vegas it is easy to assume cocaine is a harmless drug. But, people need to understand that authorities can and often do prosecute cocaine charges.


Call us before you say a word. Call TVL: 702-780-6718