Common Motorcycle Wreck Injuries
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Common Motorcycle Wreck Injuries

There are thousands of motorcycles on the roads in Las Vegas every day. There are not as many as there are cars naturally, but this does not help to make the situation any better for bike riders. The simple facts are that most motorcycle wrecks are not the fault of the person on the motorcycle, and in fact are cause by careless drivers of cars. Motorcycle wrecks involve injuries at a far higher rate than automobile wrecks, simply because there is nothing surrounding the rider to protect them. If they come into contact with another vehicle, they will generally fall and injury will be sustained. It does not make any difference if the injuries would not have occurred if the person was in a car and not on a motorcycle, the law states that an injury caused by the negligence of another party puts blame on that other party. If they bump you and you fall off your bike and injure yourself, then they are at fault. While many car drivers might believe that the lesser amounts of protection that are offered by a motorcycle puts the responsibility for protection against injury in the lap of the bike rider. This is wrong, and if a car comes into contact with you or causes you to lose control of your motorcycle even if no contact is made, they are responsible for injuries and damages that occur. They can be sued to cover those damages, and compensate you for what they have done.

Common injuries that are sustained in Las Vegas through motorcycle injuries are falls from the bike as a result of left turns made in front of the motorcycle, as well as rear-end crashes that result in falls. Sitting at a stoplight or stopsign are common places that motorcycle wrecks happen, as drivers who are not paying attention run into the bike because they do not see it. A bike is far smaller than a car, and many drivers are not looking for the bikes specifically, resulting in them simply bumping a bike as they are coming to the stop themselves. These bumps cause damage to the bike and many times cause the rider to fall. The driver of the car is responsible for these damages. Another common cause of motorcycle falls is left turns that drivers take in front of bikes because they do not see them in their blind spots. Once again, just because the bike is small does not remove responsibility from the driver just because they didn’t see you. If they take that left turn without making sure nobody is in the lane and you fall as a result of their actions, they are at fault.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle wreck or the actions of another driver caused you to fall from your motorcycle, call THE VEGAS LAWYERS. We are the Las Vegas motorcycle lawyers that you want to hire. Just because we don’t have motorcycles in our ads doesn’t mean we don’t understand how to get you compensated for your injuries.