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Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys

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If you have been arrested in Las Vegas on any criminal offense, it is important that you take the charges seriously. Only a seasoned criminal defense lawyer who is knowledgeable about the specific laws related to your crime is going to give you the chance to have the least amount of punishment, or potentially have the case dismissed all together. If you trust that the public defender’s office is going to do everything possible to get you a reduced sentence, you are simply mistaken. Yes, they do their best to represent you and provide you with the fairness that the law requires, but there are a lot of other cases just like yours on their desks. Keep in mind that nearly every person who is accused of a crime and who doesn’t hire a private criminal defense lawyer is being represented by the public defender, and there is simply no way that they are going to have the time to give your case the attention that it needs. By being represented by the public defender, you are going to get the bare minimum that your rights allow you, and that probably means you are going to be convicted. Only a seasoned criminal defense attorney working for you specifically is going to be able to find all of the elements that you need for your defense, and present them on your behalf. Only a criminal defense attorney with years of experience in the Las Vegas court system is going to be able to give you every bit of the rights that you are entitled to. That’s what we do.


Everybody makes mistakes in their life, (like having too much to drink and needing a DUI attorney) and the reason that the laws are written the way they are is to make sure that those who have been wrongly accused are given the ability to prove that the charges against them are false. Even if they did do the crime that they are accused of, the laws require that they are given the right to be assured that all of the proper procedures were followed leading up to and during their arrest. The legal system is based on rules, and even those who have committed crimes have the right to those rules being followed. Only a seasoned criminal defense attorney is going to be able to leave no stone un-turned as they prepare your defense. If there were mistakes made during your arrest, or rules were violated, we will find them and make sure that they are presented in court. That’s what we do.


There are lots of people out there who are going to say that if you committed a crime, then you shouldn’t be afforded the best attorney you can find. Those same people would probably think differently if they were in your shoes, and they were the ones who were accused. Those same people would probably be on the phone as soon as possible to call the best criminal defense lawyer they could find.


It is your right to have the best criminal defense available when you are accused of a crime, and it is your right to be assured that all of the procedures that brought you to this point were followed correctly. It is your right to fight for the most lenient sentence possible if you are convicted of that crime, and it is your right no have your case dismissed if the rules were not followed by the police when they arrested you. The courts are not on your side, the public defender doesn’t have time to give you the attention you deserve, and the judge is going to see you as just another person who broke the law. We can prepare for you, fight for you and make sure that the judge and jury knows that you are already sorry for anything you might have actually done. We are going to get you the most lenient sentence possible, and in many cases we are going to be able to get your case dismissed completely. That’s what we do.


THE VEGAS LAWYERS is more than one guy with a law degree and a little bit of knowledge of criminal cases. THE VEGAS LAWYERS is a criminal defense firm with all of the resources in place to investigate, prepare and present your case in front of a judge. Our team consists of legal investigators, paralegals, support staff and lawyers who are specialized in criminal cases. THE VEGAS LAWYERS is the firm to call when your life is on the line.


If you or a loved one has been arrested, call us immediately. It might be Las Vegas, but this isn’t the time to gamble. Contact us for your DUI or criminal legal issues.


Call us before you say a word. 702-780-6718

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