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Dog Bite Injuries

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Injured by a dog bite?
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Have you been bitten by a dog? If you have, there is a good chance that we can receive damages against the owner, or possibly their home owner’s insurance. Dog bites happen every day in Las Vegas, and there is no reason to simply be injured and not get compensated because you like dogs. It isn’t the dogs fault, it is the fault of the owner for not keeping them under control. Contact us today to discuss your case with a qualified dog bite injury lawyer.


When should I do if I am bitten by a dog?


Dog bites happen every day, and they are very disturbing and cause emotional distress as well as physical injuries. People love dogs, and when one bites you the injuries you suffer may be emotional and difficult to deal with personally. The situation may be chaotic, and the owner may become aggressive toward you as well.  Here are some tips as far as what to do immediately after a dog bite incident.

  1. Seek medical treatment immediately. Dog bites will not only cause lacerations and penetrating wounds that can be serious or even deadly, they may cause infections as well. Many dog bites require stitches and surgery to repair, and result in blood loss. Contact authorities immediately and get to the hospital.
  2. Call the police and report what happened. Do not confront the owner as they may be defensive in an attempt to protect their dog. They may even become aggressive themselves. The owners of vicious animals will often try to blame the victims.
  3. Contact THE VEGAS LAWYERS because we are experienced in dog bite injuries. We will investigate the injury scene to see if the owners were negligent in their care and control of the animal. We will gather evidence necessary to present in court, such as photographs and witness testimony, as well as medical reports and ongoing treatment documents. We will also negotiate with any insurance company involved. You can bet they have lawyers working for them, you need lawyers working for you too.


Are You Experienced Dog Bite Lawyers?


Dog bites are a specialization of only some personal injury law firms. There are extra circumstances involved in a dog bite case that make it different than an auto accident, so make sure that you only hire an attorney who knows not only the laws, but has experience with dog bite cases. Call us.


Call us before you say a word. 702-780-6718