Don't Get Injured Or Arrested On St. Patrick's Day In Las Vegas 2019
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St. Patrick's Lawyer

Don’t Get Injured On St. Patrick’s Day In Las Vegas 2019

Have you been injured on St. Patrick’s Day in Las Vegas?
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OK lets talk about St. Patrick’s Day in Las Vegas, and all of the fun you are going to have this weekend. St. Patrick’s Day 2019 is on Sunday March 17, and the majority of the bars and restaurants around Las Vegas are going to be bringing some green into their theme to celebrate. It will be hard to escape it, and chances are that even if you aren’t trying to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you are going to be exposed to some shamrocks and green beer. For those who are looking to embrace the day for all that it means (mostly drinking and carrying on) there are going to be plenty of places to go throughout the city. If you really want to be in the thick of things, hit Fremont Street where you can be among thousands of other party people hopping from bar to bar downtown. If you are smart you will rent a party bus to shuttle you and your group around, but if you haven’t got that kind of money then just make sure that you take a cab or an Uber to and from the area. You will probably be able to walk from bar to bar, but don’t get behind the wheel going to or from home or your hotel room, it just isn’t worth it. There are two ways that people typically have theri St. Patrick’s Day celebrations ruined in Las Vegas, getting arrested and getting injured. We can help you with both.

How to keep from getting arrested in Las Vegas on St Patrick’s Day. This really isn’t too hard, don’t do anything illegal and you won’t be arrested. If you are thinking that you will be getting away with things just because it is Vegas, you are probably mistaken. Don’t get drunk and jump on anyone’s car. Don’t get drunk and pee in the streets. Don’t get drunk and fight with people. Don’t get drunk and drive. All of these things may seem pretty self explanatory, but when you have been drinking they might suddenly seem like a good idea. Don’t do any of them, because there are going to be a lot of cops working that night and they are going to be sick and tired of dealing with drunks. Your excuses about being from out of town aren’t going to work. Just don’t do stupid things and you wil be all right.

How to keep from getting injured or hurt in Las Vegas on St. Patrick’s Day. These are pretty self-explanatory too, but let’s just state the obvious. Make sure you have a designated driver or you are taking an Uber. Never drive if you have even had one drink. You can hurt yourself or other people, and you will probably get arrested if you do. Always make sure that someone knows where you are as well. There are a lot of bad people mixed into the crowds in the bars and on the street in Vegas on big nights like these. They are looking to take advantage of people who have their guards down. Don’t be a victim, and make sure that someone knows where you are so that they can contact the police if you do not show up where you are supposed to be.

Here are a few additional tips to stay safe:

Watch out for pickpockets. It is really common for pickpockets to mix into crowds of people who have been  drinking. You are really easy to take advantage of after a few drinks, so keep your money and cards out of your back pockets and keep your purse securely around your chest.

Always protect your drinks. It is common for people to put things into unattended drinks of their targets on days like these. Never leave your drink unattended and always keep it within your sight. They will slip things into your drink even when you are holding it, so keep it in front of you. Once they have got something into your drink, they are waiting to prey on you so if you begin to feel funny at all tell the people you are with immediately.

Watch for idiots and people who want to fight. If you are around people who get out of hand or begin getting aggressive, leave immediately. You do not want to get into the middle of something you are not prepared to deal with.

Don’t jaywalk. If you are crossing streets, always use the crosswalks. There are a lot of distracted drivers out on the roads, and a lot of them are probably drunk too. Never take the chance by jaywalking, just take the extra time to go to the corners and wait for the crosswalk. Always make sure that even if you have the right of way, nobody is coming at you too fast. It is a party night, so you have to assume that the people driving are just as drunk as you are.

Stay safe this St. Patrick’s day and have a good time. If you do get hurt or arrested, call us before you do anything else. We are your Las Vegas injury attorneys and criminal defense lawyers.