Drug Convictions Can Destroy Lives
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Drug Convictions Can Destroy Lives

You are in Las Vegas on vacation. You either flew here or drove from one of the neighboring states, and you are ready to party. After all, Las Vegas is the party capital of the world! You can legally gamble and bet on sports, you can drive a few miles away and legally pick up a hooker, and you can legally buy weed on almost every corner.  You can even walk down the street with an open container of alcohol and nobody is going to stop you, let alone arrest your for it. When it comes to partying, Las Vegas has it all. One of the things that Las Vegas also has is access to lots of things that are illegal, like hookers inside of Clark County and drugs that are harder than marijuana. If you want to party in your hotel room, coke, meth and smack are just a phone call away.

Here is the problem, if you possess illegal drugs in Las Vegas for any reason there is a good chance you are going to go to jail. Any and all drugs that are either not your prescription or are outside of the definition of marijuana are completely illegal and possessing them is a felony. Sure, you just wanted to have a good time and you weren’t hurting anybody, but unfortunately for you the cops are not going to see it that way. If you get caught with a little bit, you are going to get busted for possession. If you get caught with a lot you are going to possibly also get busted for trafficking. Even though you probably thought trafficking was only for people who get caught selling drugs, it is actually based on the amount you are caught with. The amounts are actually very small, and a lot of times people who have just a small amount of recreational drugs on them actually get charged with trafficking because it is just over the legal defined amount. A trafficking charge is going to really screw up your life, and can have some major impacts including lengthy jail sentences. No matter what charge you get busted on, you are going to need a drug crime lawyer.

Las Vegas is a bit of a lie. They encourage partying but they don’t tolerate drugs. Half the people coming to town for big festivals like EDC and Life Is Beautiful are planning on doing drugs while they are here. After all, it is part of the culture of the festival. If you get busted with drugs on you in Las Vegas the cops don’t care if you are only a tourist and didn’t mean it. They probably targeted you because you were a tourist and coming to town for a music festival specifically because they understand how many people are carrying drugs at the event. No matter what happened, if you get convicted for drug possession it is going to have a major impact on your future. You need to call a drug crime lawyer right away.