Drug Crimes In Las Vegas Need A Lawyer
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Drug Crimes In Las Vegas Need A Lawyer

Las Vegas has a zero tolerance policy with regards to illegal drugs. Many people are under the impression that since marijuana was legalized recently that they are going to be able to use any kind of drugs that you want while in Las Vegas. Others might think that the cops are going to look the other way when it comes to drugs because it is a party town. Nothing is further from the truth, and if you get caught with any drug that is not marijuana and it is not prescribed to you by a doctor, you are probably going to have a lot of trouble to deal with. Drug charges are nothing to laugh about in Las Vegas, and possession of even a small amount of illicit drugs can get you jail time. Possession over a small amount can become a trafficking charge, which can get you a lot of jail time. No matter what, if you are caught with drugs while you are here, there is a good chance that you are facing some harsh penalties.

Should you get a lawyer for a drug charge? The answer to this question is always yes. If you have been busted with drugs, it is almost assured that you are going to get some punishment for your crime, and that punishment is going to be decided by how the district attorney wants to proceed. The entire process is probably going to be pretty confusing for you, and even if you did understand all of the nuances of the law you still would probably not know how to present the case for the least amount of punishment possible. There is almost no chance that you know the law well enough to get the case thrown out on a technicality like if the search was legitimate or if there was really probably cause for a search. You are probably not going to know how to present all of the evidence that is in your favor to ask for the charges to be dropped, which is the only way you will escape without some form of punishment. In anything short of a dismissal of the charges, you are going to have a drug conviction on your record, so you need to enlist all of the help you can get. That means calling a drug crime lawyer right now.

Do not admit to anything while you are being arrested or processed. Refuse to answer any questions or have any discussions with the police, even if they promise you a deal if you tell them where you got the drugs. Any admission of guilt is going to harm your chances of getting off light, and it will hinder our ability to get the charges dropped. What you say and do at the time of your arrest is going to decide how well this goes for you, so it is important to make sure you do not hurt your own case. Remember the following: Even if they find drugs on you, admit nothing and make no statements. Contact THE VEGAS LAWYERS immediately.