Whart To Do If You Are Arrested For DUI In Las Vegas.
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DUI Arrest In Las Vegas

You are in Las Vegas, either as a local that is simply going about your normal day or as a tourist who is in town for a few days to enjoy yourself. You are out at a bar with friends and having a great time. Over the course of the night, you have a few drinks and then it is time to head home. You feel all right, maybe just a tiny bit buzzed but you figure you can make it home. After all, it isn’t very far and what are the chances that the cops are going to pull you over? Even though the cops shouldn’t be the reason you don’t drink and drive (potentially hurting someone should be the reason you don’t) you do it anyway, even though you know you probably shouldn’t.  You aren’t a criminal, and you definitely were not thinking that you were committing a crime when you did it. You look in your rear view mirror and you see the cop lights. Now what do you do?

The next few minutes are going to potentially change your life forever. If you were to lose your license, you could have problems getting to work for the rest of your life. If you have a CDL license and you drive for a living, you may never be able to work again. The best case scenario is that the cop lets you go, and the worst case scenario is that you wind up in jail. The next few minutes are going to decide what happens to your future, so it is very important to understand what is going to happen. It is also very important to understand what to do and what not to do.

If the cop suspects that you have been drinking and you actually have been, then chances are you are going to jail tonight. When he approaches the car, he is looking for telltale signs to justify his suspicions. He pulled you over because he noticed you doing something suspect like crossing the yellow line or weaving. Now he is looking for proof that you have been drinking, and he is going to look for bloodshot eyes, slurred speech or a smell of alcohol. If you have been drinking, it is almost certain that you are going to have some of these characteristics. If you have not been drinking, then chances are you will not have these characteristics. He is going to attempt to make things easy on himself by asking you questions, namely “have you been drinking tonight?” If you answer yes and then try to discuss that you have only had a small amount, he is going to pull you out for a field sobriety test. You will fail that test and be arrested. The only way to pass the tests is if you have not been drinking.

When the cop asks you “have you been drinking” the answer is “no.” Any other answer is an admission of guilt and will be presented in court to convict you of DUI. If you refuse to answer the questions and refuse to take the field sobriety tests you will be arrested and they will take your blood when you get to the station. This is better than admitting guilt because we may be able to challenge the reasons the cops stopped you, or even challenge the timeframes of when you were arrested until when they took your blood. There are many ways that we can potentially get your charges dropped, but there are two things that are completely necessary. You need to admit nothing and answer no questions, and you need to call us immediately. We are the top Las Vegas DUI lawyers, we are THE VEGAS LAWYERS.