Punishments for a DUI Second Conviction In Las Vegas
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DUI Second

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Second Time DUI In Las Vegas?
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If you have been arrested for DUI in Las Vegas, it is important to understand the different potential punishments that could be imposed if you are convicted. Each time you are arrested for DUI within a seven year period, it is a different crime with different mandatory minimums. After seven years of no additional arrests, your records can be sealed.

What are the punishments for a “DUI Second” conviction?

If you have been arrested for suspicion of DUI and it is the second time you have been arrested for that charge within a seven year time frame, it is known as a “DUI Second.” This means that it is treated as the second time that you have been arrested for this crime (if it is outside of a seven year period, you can be arrested on a “DUI First” charge multiple times.)

What are the mandatory minimums of a DUI Second in Las Vegas?

Drunk driving in Las Vegas is illegal under Nevada law 484C.110.  The maximum penalties for a conviction that a judge can impose on you are:

  1. 10 days to 6 months in jail OR residential confinement. Many times a judge will allow for home arrest instead of the actual jail time, if the person convicted has no other arrests on other charges.
  2. Fines: $750 to $1,000 or an equivalent number of hours of community service (Las Vegas courts generally impose a $1,100 fine for a second-offense DUI)
  3. Attend a Nevada Victim Impact Panel
  4. Alcohol/drug dependency evaluation. This will usually cost $100
  5. Suspension or revocation of your license for one year.  Additional 5-day registration suspension, and a $35 civil penalty.
  6. DUI Court: This is a drug and alcohol abuse program. Time lengths will vary.
  7. Ignition interlock device:  You will be required to install (at your own expense) a blow device for 185 days. You will not be able to start your car if you blow over the legal limit.
  8. On BAC of .18 or greater, a Nevada Breath Interlock Device will need to be installed in your car for 12 months to 36 months (at your expense) in order to obtain a restricted license or reinstating your license

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DUI Second