How Long Does A Las Vegas DUI Stay On Your Record?
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How Long Does A Las Vegas DUI Stay On Your Record?

It is important to understand that DUI is a crime, and if you are convicted of it you are going to face some punishments. Because it is not as obvious as something like assault or theft, some people do not realize that DUI is also a serious crime. Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can hurt or kill people and damage property. For this reason it is taken very seriously by the court system, even though it is a misdemeanor. Many DUIs are simply mistakes in judgment, and were not done with malice or the desire to hurt anyone. They are simply the misunderstanding of the point when you are legally compromised. This comes from people not being able to notice that their reflexes are slower and their judgment is slightly impaired. It is the classic case of “feeling all right to drive,” when in reality you are not fully recovered from the alcohol intake. The legal limits for alcohol are .08% for adults and .02% for anyone under 21. This translates loosely to a single drink of beer, wine or a shot within an hour. There will be differences based on your weight and how much you have eaten, but as a rough gauge your body will purge a drink an hour. Any more than that amount and you are probably going to test over the legal limit.

Most people do not feel drunk after a single beer, and as a result they would view themselves as “all right to drive.” At that point you are probably right on the legal border, and any more than that you are probably legally drunk. You might feel completely fine, but if you get pulled over you are going to potentially face DUI charges. It is simple mistakes in judgment like these that the courts feel must be taught a lesson not to do again, but they do not want to completely destroy your life. This is why DUI the first and second times are misdemeanors and the third time is a felony. If you have not learned from your first and second mistakes, the courts believe you need to be more severely punished. The second DUI has harsher punishments than the first, and the third is going to result in significant jail time. The question is often asked “how long does the DUI stay on my record?” The answer is seven years.

If you are convicted of DUI, it is going to be on your record for seven years. If you are convicted of DUI again within that seven year period, it counts as a DUI second and will come with the increased punishment. If you are convicted again within seven years you will probably end up in jail. After seven years of not getting into trouble, you can have the record sealed and you not going to face the punishments of a second if you make another mistake, but hopefully you would have learned not to drink and drive anyway. If you get arrested for DUI call us immediately.