How Much Does A Las Vegas DUI Lawyer Cost?
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How Much Does A Las Vegas DUI Lawyer Cost?

If you have received a DUI arrest and are contemplating the amount of money that an experienced DUI attorney is going to charge you vs what might happen if you try to defend yourself, we can tell you that you are going about it the wrong way. How much does a Las Vegas DUI attorney cost? The amounts they charge are going to be dependent on how much they deal with DUI, and if your case is going to have any special circumstances. Basically, you are paying your DUI attorney the same way that you would pay anyone to do work for you, by the hour. If the attorney charges a flat rate for DUIs then they have estimated the amount of hours they believe it will take them to defend you. If there are extra things like investigating aspects of the charges or the tests administered, then they are going to be working more hours and will expect to be compensated for their time. Keep in mind that they are not getting anything out of defending you except their pay, so if one charges significantly lower fees than another you have to ask yourself why they are available at a discount? Usually you get what you pay for.

A better way to think about this situation is what the cost is going to be if you do not hire a DUI lawyer. Chances are you are going to get somewhere just above the minimum sentence. If you are a model citizen, you will be convicted and get the minimum. If you have had some legal issues in your past you will probably get somewhere in the middle. If you have had lots of legal issues then you might get the maximum sentence. Typically a first time DUI conviction is going to cost you 1,000 dollars plus court fees, which will be a total of over 1,100. You will probably have to do unpaid community service of between 48 and 96 hours and have to attend classes. You will probably lose your license for a period of time and have to take the bus to work. All of these things are pretty much expected from a DUI conviction in a Las Vegas court, so you need to ask yourself how much all of this is worth. Is that number lower than the fees that a good DUI attorney would charge you? Is the impact on your life that a DUI will have worth more or less than the money you would pay an experienced attorney who might be able to get the whole thing dismissed? These are questions that you are going to have to ask yourself.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Las Vegas, call us and give us the details of the case. We will tell you exactly how much we will charge to defend you in court, and you can decide if it is worth it. Here’s a hint, it is worth it.