How Much Alcohol Can You Drink Before You Are DUI?
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How Much Does It Take To Get A DUI?

It is one of the most Googled questions around. Everyone wants to know exactly how much they can have to drink before they are over the legal limit to drive a car or ride a motorcycle. Every time you go to a bar and have a drink or two, you are playing this game. How much can I drink before I will potentially get a DUI, and how can I avoid it. First off, we need to explain that DUI laws are different in every state. Since we are in Nevada, we are going to go by the Nevada laws. If an adult with no children under 15 in the car takes a breathalyzer test and blows more than .08%, they are legally DUI. If you drive commercially and have a CDL your limit is .04% and if you are under 21 your limit is .02%. If you take the breath test and are above any of these limits, you are going to be arrested and go to jail. This is why if there is any possibility that you are over the limits you must refuse to take the field sobriety tests. You will be arrested just like you would if you took them, so at least there will not be evidence to convict you.

There are no “hard and fast” guidelines for drinking alcohol and BAC. It is going to do with many factors like how much you weigh and what you have eaten in the last 12 hours. The general guidelines are pretty easy to remember, if you have one drink and you are average size, it is going to make your BAC test at the legal limit. If you have more than that one drink you will be over the legal limit. It will take your body about an hour to process that one drink, two hours to process two drinks, three hours to process three drinks. That means that if you have two drinks then completely stop, you should wait two hours before getting behind the wheel. If you have one drink then wait one hour. A “drink” is anything alcoholic like a beer, a glass of wine or a shot. If you go to happy hour and have three beers, wait at least three hours before driving. If even after three hours you do not feel perfectly sober, then don’t risk it.

The very best rule is to never drive any motor vehicle within 24 hours of drinking alcohol. That way, there is almost no chance that you are going to have any alcohol in your system when you drive. Trying to play the “how much is too much” game is only going to get you burned because you are always going to have different factors coming into play. One day you might have a lower BAC because you ate a lot of bread, or maybe you gained some weight. It is best to not risk the DUI at all and just call an Uber if you have had a drink or two. If you get pulled over call a DUI lawyer.