How To Get Busted In Vegas
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How To Get Busted In Vegas

We are sure that you have heard the expression “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Unfortunately that isn’t necessarily true, and if you don’t party smart when you are in Sin City there is a good chance that “what happens in Vegas ends up in court.” Las Vegas is a party town, and we encourage you to have a good time while you are here. However there are a lot of ways to get busted in Las Vegas that you are probably unaware of, and many of them are things that you probably thought were legal. Yes, we have looser laws here than you do back home and you are definitely going to be able to get away with a lot more than you can back there, but there are some laws that exist here that many tourists are under the misconception are not enforced, or are completely legal. Breaking these laws is going to get you busted, and being unaware isn’t going to get you off. So when you come to Vegas, party smart. Here is a list of things that can get you busted in Vegas:

  1. Paying a hooker. “But I thought prostitution was legal in Vegas” isn’t an excuse, and it isn’t going to get you out of those handcuffs. Prostitution is legal in Nevada counties that have less than 700,000 people, which means that in Las Vegas and Reno paying a hooker is illegal. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of hookers soliciting in this town, they work the casinos and bars every night. You see ads for them of billboards and guys pass out fliers for them on the strip. They come to your room is you call or go to a website featuring “outcall services” like dancing and massage. They also know the way the law works, so they aren’t going to necessarily come right out and ask you for money. Instead, they will probably hint at it by saying things like “I like to be spoiled.” Beware that if you offer her money or gifts in exchange for sexual contact you can get busted. Also be aware that there are under cover metro officers posing as hookers that are going to bust you if you do.
  2. Solicitation. This is essentially “being a hooker,” and what it means is that you have initiated the process of asking for money or gifts in return for sex. This does not mean that you have to actually go through with it, just initiating the process by hinting that you would have sex with someone in exchange for gifts or money is enough to get you busted. There is plenty of under cover metro out there in the bars and on the streets who will bust you if you lead them to believe you are soliciting.
  3. Smoking weed in a hotel or on the street. Yes, marijuana is legal in Nevada now, but that doesn’t mean you can buy some and smoke it in your hotel room, or even on the street. If the hotel gets a complaint that they smell weed coming from your room, security will pay you a visit. If you are being a problem or have had other complaints about your room, they may bring the police with them. If they smell weed, see weed in plain view, or you are acting like you are high then they can bust you. The same goes for other drugs. Don’t do it in your hotel or on the street.
  4. Drugs in plain sight. If the cops come to your room and you open the door, if they can see your drugs from the hallway you can get busted. They only need a warrant to come in to your room if you don’t have anything in plain sight, or haven’t given them any other suspicion. If you have a table in your room that is view-able from the doorway, move it. Don’t do anything within view of the door or the windows, even if you think it is legal.
  5. Entering a casino you got thrown out of. If you have been tossed from a casino for any reason, do not go back. They have cameras and they have been recording everything. If you try to sneak back in you are going to get busted.
  6. Having a party at someone’s house. Believe it or not, if you want to have a gathering more than a few people at a house in Las Vegas, you probably need a permit. “Party houses” are illegal and you can go to jail if the neighbors complain.
  7. Touching the stripper. Lap dances are not legal in Las Vegas, although that law is rarely enforced. The stripper is allowed to touch you on certain parts of your body, but if you touch her it can be considered illegal “fondling.” If you are a problem for her, she can have you busted.

When you come to Vegas, party smart. Know the rules and the laws, and know what you have to do to protect yourself if you have been breaking the laws.