If Prostitution Is Illegal In Vegas, How Do Those Advertisements Exist?
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If Prostitution Is Illegal In Vegas, How Do Those Advertisements Exist?

If you live in Las Vegas, or have been anywhere around the Las Vegas strip over the course of the last 10 years, you have probably seen those trucks that drive up and down the strip with the billboards on the back. You have also probably seen the one advertising “girls direct to your room” with the pictures of half-naked women on them. If you walked the strip you might have had a guy stuff a flier in your hand advertising girls that will come to meet you, along with a phone number to call them. The people who pass out those fliers usually wear bright yellow or orange shirts and will almost always be in groups of five or six. They will go as far as to hand a flier to any man, even if he is walking with his wife, girlfriend or kids. The reason is that it works and guys call the numbers all the time. Even though prostitution is completely legal in the brothels only an hour or so from Vegas, it is illegal inside the city limits. Even though it is illegal, Las Vegas is still the area with the most prostitution cases of anywhere in Nevada, and the most working prostitutes. The working girls go where the customers are, and there are lots of them in Vegas.

So if prostitution is illegal, how do those companies get away with advertising for prostitutes? The answer is pretty simple, they are not “technically” advertising prostitution. There is a type of business in Las Vegas which is completely legal called an “outcall service.” This means that they are a business that arranges entertainers or service people to travel to the locations of customers to perform their services there. Outcall services will provide everything from onsite massages to clowns for children’s birthday parties, and they will also provide strippers and exotic dancers, as well as companions. Essentially, anything that is not “sex for money or valuable materials” is not considered prostitution, so those companies are advertising that the girl will come to your room and spend time with you. This is not technically illegal unless it can be proven that the girl came specifically to have sex in exchange for money, and the company would then just deny that the arrangement was that type. They avoid the law by simply being the service that arranges the meeting between the lady and the customer, and what happens once they are together as nothing to do with them. If the girl is a prostitute who then solicits the customer for money in exchange for sex, she will be arrested for prostitution. The company that made the arrangement will deny any knowledge of this transaction, and will ultimately be able to continue their business without interruptions.

These types of businesses have been around for a long time, and although it seems ridiculous that they can get away with something so obvious as what they are doing, it is rare that they are actually busted for arranging prostitution services. Las Vegas is the type of town where some things go unnoticed on purpose, simply because they are not easy to convict. Prostitution is a perfect example of this, where the services can advertise in broad daylight but the prostitutes are the ones getting busted.

If you have been arrested for prostitution in Las Vegas, contact THE VEGAS LAWYERS today, and don’t say a word until we get there.