If You Are Buzzed Can You Get A DUI?
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If You Are Buzzed Can You Get A DUI?

Most DUI arrests are not for people who are too drunk to understand what is going on. Most DUI arrests are made for people who have misjudged their ability to drive and are over the limit when they thought they would be under. Generally it is not a malicious crime, and the people who do it did not mean to harm anyone. They simply thought they were sober enough to drive when they were not. Most cops when they pull you over for suspicion of DUI understand this, and are ultimately going to arrest you for something that is surprising to you. They are going to arrest you because you believed you were under the legal limit when you were not. This is because most people do not understand the legal limit, and as a result they drive when they “think they are fine.” This is almost never within the limits if they have been drinking within the last 24 hours. The best advice is to never drive if you have had a drink of alcohol in the last 24 hours, but if you are the kind of person who likes to gamble at least understand the rules of the game.

If you are a normal sized person in Las Vegas and you are over 21 with no kids in the car, then your legal blood alcohol limit is .08%. That translates to roughly one beer, glass of wine or a shot within an hour. If you have had more than that amount, you will most definitely be over the legal BAC, and if you are a commercial driver or under 21 your limits are less than half that amount. This means that when you are drinking you are going to need to wait until your body processes the alcohol, which is roughly one drink per hour. If you have two drinks you need two hours, etc. Helping the process along by drinking coffee and water or eating is not going to necessarily work, but instead might just “clear your head.” If you follow that as the gauge to see if you are too drunk to drive, you are probably going to “feel all right” long before you are actually under the legal BAC. This means if you get pulled over you are going to fail the field sobriety tests even if you feel ok to drive. This is why you must refuse them if you have had more than one drink in the last hour.

If the cops pull you over for suspicion of DUI, you exhibited some behavior that mad them believe you might be drunk. If you answer “yes” when they ask if you have been drinking, you have admitted guilt. If you test over the legal limit you have provided evidence for conviction. Face it you were going to be arrested anyway, so do not make their case easier. When they ask if you have been drinking answer “no.” When they ask you to take the tests answer “no” unless you know you will pass them. When they arrest you call us.