If You Get Busted Hiring A Prostitute In Las Vegas, Here Is What To Do.
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busted for prostitution in vegas

If You Get Busted Hiring A Prostitute In Las Vegas, Here Is What To Do.

You came to Las Vegas on a business convention, and you figured that it would be fun to do a few of the things that Las Vegas is famous for while you were here. You hit the casinos and did a little gambling, had a few drinks and maybe even smoked a little bit of that legal marijuana we have here (if you smoked it in your hotel room then you are lucky you didn’t get busted.) You went out to a couple of bars afterward and realized that even though there are a lot of girls here, it is kind of difficult to get them to talk to you. All you wanted was a little fun and some company, and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Nobody back home was ever going to find out that you might be doing a few things while you were here that might be a little embarrassing! So you were walking back to your hotel room and a guy on the strip handed you a flier advertising “girls to your room.” You figured that nobody back home would ever find out, so you called the number and arranged for the girl to come to meet you. A few hours later there is a knock on your door and a woman was there, and after a short time you agree that she would give you a little extra attention as long as you pay her to do it. Then she arrested you for solicitation of a prostitute.

This is common in Las Vegas, and metro runs sting operations all the time to arrest people who try to hire prostitutes. If you were arrested, they probably took you to the station and processed you, then let you go on a promise to appear in court. Even though it is a misdemeanor, you are facing fines and possibly probation for your crime. You might not have even known that prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, but that isn’t going to help your case. What is going to happen now is that a notice to appear is going to be mailed to your home address, and there is a good chance that what happened in Vegas is going to be figured out by your wife. Even if she doesn’t find the promise to appear in the mail, you are going to have to figure out how to fly back to Las Vegas in order to appear in front of the judge, and if you fail to appear a warrant may be issued for you. So how can you minimize the problems you are now facing?

Hire us to appear on your behalf. In Las Vegas, you do not necessarily have to physically appear in court on a misdemeanor charge as long as a lawyer is there to plead your case. We will fight hard to get the charges dropped or at least get you the minimum amount of punishment for your mistake. Don’t be foolish, you need the best prostitution and solicitation lawyer you can find, one that is familiar with the Las Vegas laws. You need THE VEGAS LAWYERS.

Get Help from a Top Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Our prostitution lawyers at THE VEGAS LAWYERS will provide you with legal representation if you have been charged with a crime in Las Vegas like solicitation or prostitution.

We will fight to help you keep your reputation intact. We can help to resolve or dismiss charges quickly.  We can help you avoid or limit the punishments you face because of your issues with the with the criminal justice system. Call us today to find out more. 702-707-7000