Is A Marijuana DUI The Same As Alcohol DUI?
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Is A Marijuana DUI The Same As Alcohol DUI?

If you have ever been pulled over by the cops in Las Vegas after sending the night in a bar, the first thing you probably thought to yourself was “am I going to test over the limit?” You will start playing the game in your mind to try and figure out if you had more than is legally allowed, but you did not feel drunk enough to not be able to drive. If you were thinking that, you would probably blow over the legal limit on a breathalyzer test. If the cop let you go, you were probably really lucky. If the cops suspect you of being over the legal limit and they let you go, they themselves could get into trouble. Their job is to assess if you are intoxicated and arrest you if they find that you are. While alcohol is pretty straight forward and can use the “one drink per hour” gauge to get an idea if you are probably over the legal limit, marijuana is a different animal all together.

The testing for marijuana is a blood test, and basically if you seem like you could potentially be intoxicated because you have been smoking marijuana, the cop’s job is to arrest you and take you to the station for a blood test. The legal limitations for marijuana use are specific as far as the content in your blood, but it is very difficult to pinpoint exactly how much marijuana you can use before you breach that limit. This is because the strains of marijuana are different and will have different strengths. Your body will also process the marijuana very differently than someone else’s body, which leaves a very difficult scenario in place if you have been smoking marijuana. If you feel all right to drive, will you test over the legal limit? The answer is “maybe.”

If you have been pulled over by the police and you have been smoking marijuana in the last 24 hours, you may be questioned by the police due to their suspicions that you are not all right to drive. You will be asked to perform field sobriety tests and they will look at your physical appearance like if your eyes are bloodshot. All of these things are relatively subjective, and will not provide conclusive proof that you have been smoking marijuana, or that you are intoxicated. Do not take the tests, even if they say you have to. Do not tell them that you have been smoking marijuana under any circumstances. Your admissions will be used in court against you.

If you have been arrested, contact us immediately before answering any questions. This is critical to the success of our case, because we are going to challenge everything from the legality of the stop and the arrest to the results of the tests they perform. We are going to try and get the case dismissed for lack of conclusive evidence, or maybe reduced to a reckless driving charge. These are better than the conviction for marijuana DUI, which you very well could receive without our help. Don’t go it alone, DUI convictions for marijuana in Las Vegas are on the rise.