Las Vegas Marijuana Laws In 2019
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Las Vegas Marijuana Laws In 2019

Just about three years ago, medical marijuana was legalized in the state of Nevada. In July of 2017, recreational cannabis dispensaries were legalized in Nevada as well, due to changes in the law. These changes legalized the recreational use and possession of weed without a medical marijuana card, and it also ushered in a pot tourism boom that our city has been benefiting from ever since. The issues are that even though weed is now legal in Nevada for recreational use, there is a tremendous amount of confusion as to the specifics of the laws. Both locals and tourists alike have only a vague understanding of the laws surrounding the purchase, possession and use of marijuana in Las Vegas, and the last thing that anyone needs is to get busted simply because they didn’t understand what is allowed and what isn’t. You don’t want to exercise your legal right to purchase marijuana at a Las Vegas dispensary, only to get in trouble afterward. Yes weed is legal in Las Vegas, but there are a lot of laws that regulate how and when you can use it and possess it. If the cops want to bust you for something, they can use any of the laws that you don’t understand to do it. Let’s clear up some of the confusion about the marijuana laws in Las Vegas right now.

Medical Marijuana vs Recreational Marijuana In Las Vegas

Most marijuana is grown by the same people, whether it is being sold and used for recreational purposes or medical purposes. The main difference between recreational and medical use at this point is the type of weed that is preferred by the user. Recreational users prefer the psychoactive effects that cannabis possessing higher levels of THC will provide, while medical users generally prefer low levels of THC and high levels of CBD (which does not produce psychoactive effects.) Recreational users prefer to “get high” while medical users prefer the healing effects of use.

What Are The Laws In Las Vegas Regarding Medical VS Recreational Weed?

In July of 2017, when the recreational marijuana laws went into effect, any person over the age of 21 presenting a valid and legal ID can purchase cannabis products at regulated facilities like dispensaries. Henderson and the Green Valley initially opposed having dispensaries within their regions, and voted against the bill. By October of 2017, these regions decided to allow sale as well. No medical card is necessary to purchase from legal dispensaries, as long as it is below a specific amount.

I Am A Tourist In Las Vegas, Can I Buy Weed?

Anyone and everyone over the age of 21 and possessing a valid form of identification can purchase marijuana from a dispensary in Las Vegas, regardless of the state or country that ID is issued from. Anyone over the age of 18 who possesses a state medical marijuana card can also buy from dispensaries that are licensed to sell medical cannabis.

How Much Marijuana Am I Allowed To Buy In Las Vegas?

Nevada law states that any person over 21 is allowed to purchase and possess up to one ounce of legal cannabis at a time. Keep in mind that purchase and possession are two different things, so if you go to multiple dispensaries and purchase the maximum one ounce amount, having more than one ounce on you at any time is illegal. Yes, you can get busted for possessing more than one ounce of weed, even if it was purchased legally. The possession and sale limits are higher for medical card holders, who can buy and possess up to 2.5 ounces at a time. Keep in mind that an ounce of weed will usually last a recreational user up to a week, so you don’t need to buy a larger amount.

Carrying and Possession Limitations In Las Vegas:

Recreational use limits are one ounce of marijuana at any time. You can also have p to 2,975 milligrams of concentrates at any one time. Medical card holders can have up to 10,000 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentrates, and can be holding up to 2.5 ounces. Yes, you can get busted for trafficking if you are holding any more than these amounts. Don’t risk it.

When and Where Can Tourists Use Marijuana In Las Vegas?

Any resident of Las Vegas can buy from a dispensary and use the marijuana in their home or apartment. The law states that it is legal to use in a private residence, but not legal to use publicly or on private property without consent. This poses issues for people who have come to Las Vegas in order to legally buy and use weed. Yes, you can buy it from a dispensary without any issues, but you cannot simply go back to your hotel room and smoke it. You are not allowed to smoke weed in casinos, theaters, parks, on the strip, on Fremont Street or anywhere else that is not your property. If you do not have any friends that live in Las Vegas, you are going to have a difficult time legally smoking the product that you legally purchased. The majority of hotels do not allow smoking of any kind in their rooms, and even fewer will allow the smoking of marijuana in their rooms. Yes, they can call the police and you can get busted for breaking these rules.

There are changes to the laws that have been proposed that would provide spaces that people can legally consume marijuana products in Las Vegas. These “lounges” and “social clubs” would look very much like the coffee shops in Amsterdam, but these proposed changes to the laws have yet to be voted on or put through, so at the current time you need to make some friends in Las Vegas and smoke in their homes. There is no way around it.

How About DUI and Driving After Marijuana Use In Las Vegas?

Yes, you can legally buy and possess weed in a dispensary, but the law does not apply to motor vehicles. This means that even if you own the car, you are not allowed to use marijuana inside a car or on the side of the road. If you do, there is a good chance you will be busted and receive a $1000 fine, and you might even have to spend time in jail.
It is only legal to transport cannabis in your car if the weed is locked away and out of reach of the driver and any minors in the vehicle. It also has to be in an airtight container. Don’t buy in a dispensary and then open the bag up in the car to smell it. Don’t leave it on the front seat or in the glove box. Put the weed you just bought in the trunk and out of the reach of any minors in the car. Do not drive over state lines with weed, even if it is legal in that other state.

How Much Weed Can I Buy At Any One Time In Las Vegas?

Medical users can buy 2.5 ounces within a fourteen day period. Recreational users can buy 1 ounce. Never buy or possess more than these legal and recommended amounts.

Do Dispensaries In Las Vegas Have Hours Of Operation?

The laws allow legal dispensaries to operate without limitations on hours, so most are open all night and day, as well as on Sundays.

What ID Is Necessary To Buy Marijuana In Las Vegas?

Any legitimate state driver’s license should be enough to buy weed. Tourists should probably bring their passport as well if they are from outside of the US are are presenting an unfamiliar form of ID. You will need to have a photo and your birthday clearly presented on the ID.

Can I Purchase From A Home Grower In Las Vegas?

People living within twenty-five miles of a dispensary are not allowed to grow marijuana. Rural areas can grow up to six plants per person or a total of twelve per household. Most of these people are growing for their own use and are not trying to sell. Dispensaries are the only legal place you can buy marijuana in Las Vegas, so if someone on the street or in a casino tries to sell you weed, do not buy it from them. This is illegal and can land you in jail.

Party smart in Las Vegas. Enjoy yourself and know the rules to stay out of trouble. If you do accidentally break the law and get busted, call TVL at 702-707-7000.