Las Vegas Marijuana Lawyers (Attorneys For Marijuana Crimes)
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Las Vegas Marijuana Lawyer

Las Vegas Marijuana Lawyer

Marijuana is legal now in Las Vegas for both medical and recreational use.  This means that the laws surrounding it’s purchase and use are very much like the laws about alcohol, but there are some important exceptions that you have to know about if you are going to avoid getting arrested. Yes, even though weed is legal to use in Nevada there are still plenty of ways that you can get arrested, and if you do the best thing you can do is get a lawyer in Las Vegas that is experienced defending marijuana cases. The laws are new and as a result they are misunderstood and are constantly being re-evaluated, and you need a lawyer who knows exactly what the laws are right now. There is nothing worse than getting busted for something that you didn’t even know was illegal, except maybe for having that arrest follow you for the rest of your life because your lawyer wasn’t specialized in this area. Just like you wouldn’t hire a plumber to defend you in court, you shouldn’t hire a lawyer that isn’t specialized in marijuana laws either.Las Vegas marijuana laws 2019

So what makes THE VEGAS LAWYERS the firm to hire if you have been busted for marijuana? We are the Las Vegas marijuana lawyers. The fact that we are continually learning and aware of all of the changes that are happening to the marijuana laws in Las Vegas, and that we understand how to interpret the areas of the laws that are not so well defined. A perfect example of this is that the law states that you can legally buy weed from a dispensary if you are over 21 years old, and you can buy up to one ounce. The law also states that when transporting it in a motor vehicle it must not be within reach of the driver or any minors in the car. Most people are going to think that this means that you just put the marijuana in the passenger’s seat or the glove box and drive home. The actual interpretation of what this part of the law means is important, and our lawyers are probably the first ones that you have ever heard suggesting that you put the marijuana in the trunk. This suggestion is based on the possibility of you getting pulled over for something unrelated (like running a stop sign) and the police officer deciding that he wants to arrest you for something. There are many reasons why the police officer may want to search your car, but you need to think about not giving them the reason to arrest you. If you have marijuana on the front seat of the car that you legally purchased just five minutes ago, you are in violation of the law. If you smoked marijuana a few days ago, you can still potentially fail a blood test and be charged with DUI. All of these things work against you in court, and the best thing you can do to defend yourself is to hire a marijuana lawyer who knows the laws. Hire THE VEGAS LAWYERS.

TONY’S TIP OF THE DAY: Put the Dope in the Trunk. When you buy legal marijuana from a dispensary in Las Vegas, the drive home can pose some risks. You have marijuana in the car, and you possibly have enough in your system to test positive for DUI if you have been smoking within the last few days. If you get pulled over and the cop can smell weed on you or in the car, they have cause to administer tests and search. Here are a few tips for transporting legal weed from a dispensary to your home. #thevegaslawyers #calltvl #TVL #tonystip #legaladvice 702-707-7000Like, share and follow our page for weekly legal tips and a lot of fun!

Posted by The Vegas Lawyers on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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