Las Vegas Prostitution Laws
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Las Vegas Prostitution Laws

OK lets get some facts straight about prostitution in Las Vegas and in Nevada. There are a lot of misconceptions about the prostitution laws here, and unfortunately not knowing the law is not an excuse. Yes, if you are caught offering prostitution services in Las Vegas, or soliciting a prostitute you will be arrested and charged with a crime. Generally, you will be charged with a misdemeanor and let go on a promise to appear in court. Chances are that you will have to pay a fine, and then deal with the stigma and ramifications of being found guilty of prostitution or solicitation. When you tell the judge “but I thought prostitution was legal in Las Vegas” he is going to probably laugh and then sentence you. Being from another city is not going to get you out of the charges. Pretending you didn’t know the laws is not going to get you out of the charges. Only a good prostitution lawyer is going to be able to get these charges dropped or at least the punishments mitigated, and that’s why you need to call us before you say anything if you get busted for solicitation or prostitution. So lets get into some specifics about prostitution in Las Vegas and in Nevada.

Even though prostitution is legal in seven counties in Nevada, it is still regulated and it has to happen inside of the legal brothels. There are brothels located in Pahrump only an hour drive from Las Vegas, but even though you can easily hire a legal prostitute during your vacation, only about 10% of all the money spent on prostitutes in Nevada is legal. It is estimated that about $75 million dollars a year is grossed by legal prostitutes in Nevada, while illegal prostitutes in Las Vegas gross about 5 billion. Yes,  you read that correctly, prostitution activities in Las Vegas make about 5 billion dollars per year. The Las Vegas police will generally arrest about 300-400 prostitutes per month in the city.

The street prostitution in Las Vegas used to run rampant, and in 1971 they enacted legislation banning it. This actually did little to stop the prostitution, which instead simply moved inside to casinos and bars. There are working girls in all parts of the city who hang around in these places looking for men to proposition, and there is a good chance that the girl who approaches you in a bar while you are in Las Vegas is a prostitute. Even worse, there is also a good chance she is an undercover metro police officer looking to bust you for solicitation. Some of these sex workers choose their occupation by their own free will, and others are victims of sex trafficking. In 2009, the FBI identified Las Vegas as having one of the highest rates of human trafficking, including disturbingly high rates of child prostitution. The FBI has identified Las Vegas as being one of the 17 prime locations for human trafficking in America.  Every year, Las Vegas police find roughly 400 children working as prostitutes in the city. Solicitation of a minor for sex is a felony and will probably result in large fines and jail time.

In a nutshell, any exchange of money for sex outside of a licensed and regulated brothel in Nevada is illegal, and you can and will be arrested for it. If you are thinking of offering sex in exchange for money in Las Vegas, you will probably be arrested for it. If you are arrested in Las Vegas, contact THE VEGAS LAWYERS before saying a word.

Get Help from a Top Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Our prostitution lawyers at THE VEGAS LAWYERS will provide you with legal representation if you have been charged with a crime in Las Vegas like solicitation or prostitution.

We will fight to help you keep your reputation intact. We can help to resolve or dismiss charges quickly.  We can help you avoid or limit the punishments you face because of your issues with the with the criminal justice system. Call us today to find out more. 702-707-7000