Las Vegas Prostitution Lawyer
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Las Vegas Prostitution Lawyer

There are very specific laws in Las Vegas and in Nevada regarding prostitution. Las Vegas is governed by the laws of Nevada, and therefore is not allowed to have houses of legal prostitution (brothels) due to the fact that there are more than 700,000 people living in Clark County. Reno and Carson City also are not allowed to have brothels within their limits due to the laws of the state. There are seven counties within the state that allow prostitution currently, and there are 21 operating legal brothels within those counties where you can pay for sex. The working prostitutes within these businesses must follow specific regulations in order to sell sex for money including blood tests for diseases and the use of condoms. Brothel owners must disclose financing and other information to the regulatory bodies in order to operate in Nevada. All prostitution must occur within the grounds of the licensed brothel, which means that even in a place like Pahrump where prostitution is legal, you still can’t hire a prostitute on the street. In 1971 Las Vegas attempted to cut down on the problem of streetwalking by putting forth legislation that completely banned it in all forms, however this has done little to actually stop the prostitution that occurs in Las Vegas. Even though you can get a legal hooker only an hour away in Pahrump, the overwhelming majority of prostitution still happens illegally in Las Vegas. Instead of walking the streets, the girls have moved into the bars and casinos where they will proposition men who seem like they are potentially customers. The casinos themselves will generally keep the prostitution to a minimum by using facial recognition software and surveillance systems to quickly identify working girls on their property and ask them to leave. The systems have become elaborate enough that they can recognize a person who has been caught in their property soliciting previously within moments of them entering the property, at which point security will escort them off the property. They will also potentially be arrested.

There are roughly 5 billion dollars worth of prostitution services sold in Las Vegas every year, which is an enormous amount compared to the 25 million that occurs legally in the brothels. There will always be prostitutes working as long as there are men hiring them. Escorts are legal but are a grey area that law enforcement fully realizes is generally a front for prostitution. Even so, escort services will advertise in full view in Las Vegas, and without fear. It is legal to call the girls advertised on the billboards and fliers, but if you exchange money for sex with them there is a chance you will be arrested. Every month, Las Vegas police make upwards of 400 prostitution arrests.

Those arrested for prostitution charges or solicitation of a prostitute can face fines, potential jail time and the embarrassment of appearing in court. These charges can have a very negative impact on your life now and in the future. You need to hire a good prostitution lawyer if you have been arrested in Las Vegas on any sex crime charge.

Get Help from a Top Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

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