Las Vegas Solicitation Of Prostitute Lawyer
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Las Vegas Solicitation Of Prostitute Lawyer

If you have read any of our other blog posts or seen any of our videos about prostitution in Las Vegas, you will realize that it is illegal in all forms and you will be arrested if you do it. There is almost nothing that the cops haven’t heard before as far as ways to try and pretend that you aren’t actually engaging in prostitution, so saying something like “I really like to be spoiled” instead of “I charge $100 for sex” is not going to get you out of being arrested. Keep in mind that the cops in Las Vegas will arrest more than 400 prostitutes every month in the city, and they have been doing this since the laws against streetwalking were passed in 1971. There is almost nothing that they haven’t heard or seen before, so it is really doubtful that you have come up with some new way to approach solicitation that won’t get you busted. But what about the guys who solicit prostitutes when they are in Las Vegas? Can they be arrested too?

Solicitation of a prostitute is illegal in Las Vegas, and you can be arrested for it. Generally it will be a misdemeanor charge that will bring a court appearance and a fine into your future, unless you hire a prostitution lawyer to appear for you in court. If you are unlucky enough to solicit a girl under the age of 18, then it is a felony and can come with some stiff fines and jail time. Believe it or not, your chances of soliciting a girl under 18 are very good in Las Vegas, because it has been identified as one of the largest areas for human trafficking in America. Every year, police in Las Vegas will find more than 400 girls working as prostitutes under the age of 18. If you solicit one of these girls even without knowing she is under 18, you are probably going to have your life changed forever unless you can get the charges dismissed or mitigated by a prostitution lawyer. Even in that case, you are going to be facing the embarrassment of what has happened.

Yes, Las Vegas metro police do place undercover officers posing as prostitutes in casinos, bars and on the street. Many of the fliers that you will be handed on the strip are sting operations that are trying to arrest people who are soliciting prostitutes. Do not call any of these numbers or engage in any activity that is sexual in nature in exchange for gifts of money. The police do not accept that you were unaware of the laws as an excuse for committing the crime of solicitation, so it is best to simply avoid the situation at all costs. At the current time there is absolutely no case involving the exchange of sex for money or anything of value within the city of Las Vegas that is legal, and there is almost no way to talk your way out of the charge. If you are arrested on prostitution or solicitation charges, do not say a word and answer no questions. Contact the top Las Vegas prostitution lawyers immediately.

Get Help from a Top Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Our prostitution lawyers at THE VEGAS LAWYERS will provide you with legal representation if you have been charged with a crime in Las Vegas like solicitation or prostitution.

We will fight to help you keep your reputation intact. We can help to resolve or dismiss charges quickly.  We can help you avoid or limit the punishments you face because of your issues with the with the criminal justice system. Call us today to find out more. 702-707-7000