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Las Vegas Spring Break: How To Not Get Arrested

It’s March, and Spring Break is here! Las Vegas is one of the most popular Spring Break destinations in the United States for college students who need a break from studying over the winter, and every year thousands of college kids looking for a great party descend on Sin City, all looking for ways to blow off some steam, meet other Spring Breakers, drink, dance and have a good time.  College Magazine voted Las Vegas as the 10th best destination in the world for Spring Break in 2018 ( but there are a few things that you are going to have to realize if Las Vegas is the place you and your friends picked to party. While there is no shortage of pools and clubs in Vegas that will be trying to attract you and your friends, the city itself is not known as a “spring break friendly” destination the same way that smaller beach towns in other countries are. This is primarily because Las Vegas is a city that caters to partying year-round, and essentially doesn’t need the money you are going to spend over the next two weeks while you are there. Small beach and boating communities like Lake Havasu in Arizona rely upon that massive influx of students in order to pay for the majority of their year’s expenses, and as a result they are going to look the other way more often with regards to things that may or may not be enforced during other times of the year. If a town needs you to keep coming back and tell your friends to come with you next year, they have to make absolutely sure that you do not have a bad time. This is why it is so commonplace in those types of places for the cops to look the other way with regards to activities that are illegal. They need the tourism that spring break brings in, so they don’t enforce the laws quite as strictly for Spring Breakers, keeping them from having the reputation that you can’t let loose and have a good time without being arrested. We all know what this means, the things that all Spring Breakers are looking for when they arrive to party. We are talking about drinking lots of alcohol, doing lots of drugs and probably being more naked in public than you would anywhere else. Well here is a news flash, doing any of these things in Vegas outside of your hotel room or a club that allows it is probably going to get you busted. Las Vegas is a city that was built around gambling, and they aren’t going to stand for you acting rowdy in the casinos or hotels, and really aren’t going to stand for you acting that way in public. If it disturbs the gambling, they are probably not going to allow it.

With all of that said, there are some hotels that are going to cater to the Spring Break crowd more than others. The Palms, The Hard Rock and The Cosmopolitan are pretty widely known as being the hotels that encourage the activities that younger people enjoy, but there are going to be limits even there. At the pool parties, you may find wet t-shirt contests but if you decide to flash the crowd at the pool when there is no contest going on, you just might get popped for indecent exposure. If you drink too much and are passed out on the strip, you are probably going to get busted for public intoxication. If you are drunk and rowdy inside a casino, you can bet security is going to ask you to leave, and they may call the cops. If you get caught DUI in Vegas, they are going to arrest you. If you plan on doing any of these things, make sure that you remember The Vegas Lawyers so that you can call us before you ever say a word to the cops. You are not going to talk your way out of an arrest, so keep your mouth shut and call us. Remember that.

If you are coming to Vegas for Spring Break because weed is legal here, remember that you can buy it legally with your ID from any dispensary, but if you smoke it at the pool or in your hotel room, you are probably going to get arrested. You can’t smoke it in your car or in any public building either. You can only smoke weed in a private residence, so make some local friends or rent a house if you plan on smoking weed while you are here. Just about any use of marijuana in public is still illegal, and not knowing the law is not going to get you off. If you get busted while you are here, you are going to need to come back for your court appearance, and it is probably going to have a pretty negative impact on your life. It’s best not to gamble like that and just party smart, but have a plan in case you do get busted because the cops are looking for people just like you while Spring Break is going on. Don’t have drug within sight of the hotel room door, don’t play your music too loud in the room, don’t hire hookers and don’t run around naked in public. If you do and you get busted for it, call us at 702-707-7000.

So are you ready for your Vegas Spring Break? Use the list below to find out which schools are partying at the same time as you.

Here is an inclusive list of the colleges in America, and when their spring break is happening: