Las Vegas Spring Break Lawyer
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Las Vegas spring break lawyers

Las Vegas Spring Break Lawyer

Las Vegas is the 10th best place in the country for college students to spend their spring break, according to College Magazine. While we are sure that it is on the list of popular destinations because of the reputation for being a town that is friendly for party activities, the city itself is not completely reliant upon your spring break dollars for survival. This basically means that other popular destinations that may be more willing to look the other way with regards to illegal activity because they need your friends to return next year are going to be more tolerant of your “spring break” activities than Las Vegas will. Las Vegas is built on gambling revenue, and anything that disturbs people who are gambling is going to result in your potential arrest if it is illegal. This is pretty simple to understand if you use the example of a smaller city like Lake Havasu, which is also a popular spring break destination. Lake Havasu makes the majority of it’s money during the time when Arizona State University spring breakers come to it and party, and for the rest of the year they are relatively quiet. Because they make the money they need to survive within the spring break dates, the activities that may be considered “less than tolerable” will probably not be as strictly enforced. You can get away with more things that might get you busted in Las Vegas, like public drunkenness, public indecency, underage drinking or illicit drug use. Because the town needs spring breakers to come back next year, they are probably going to go easier on you than in larger cities like Las Vegas. Yes, Vegas will have plenty of activities, pool parties and concerts that are encouraging you to enjoy your spring break, but if you are causing trouble in the casino, walking down the street drunk, or flashing a crowd on the strip you are probably going to get busted.

So what can you expect if you get arrested in Las Vegas during spring break? If you have been charged with a crime during your time here, you can probably expect to have to come back to appear in court. You will probably have jail time, a fine or some sort of community service as a punishment. You will probably have this on your record for some time, which may effect you getting a job in the future, or even keeping your status of being enrolled in school. It all depends on the crime you have been charged with, but one thing that you need to know is that calling THE VEGAS LAWYERS before you speak to anyone else (including the cops) is going to get you the help of an experienced Las Vegas spring break lawyer who will  be able to either reduce the charges against you or get them completely eliminated.

What crimes are people typically arrested for during spring break in Las Vegas?

  1. Underage drinking: If you are under 21 years of age and are caught drinking alcohol in Las Vegas you can be arrested  and may be charged with a misdemeanor. You may face a fine of up to $1,000 and up to 6 months in jail. (Nevada Revised Statute 202.020)
  2. Marijuana: Even though marijuana is now legal to purchase and use in recreational capacities in Las Vegas, it is still a controlled substance so there are limitations to how it can be used and where. You cannot smoke it in a public space or in your car, and you cannot smoke it in hotel rooms. Smoking in public can get you charged with a misdemeanor and you can face up to a $600 fine. You are allowed to purchase up to one ounce of marijuana if you are over 21 and have it on your person, however if you have more than one ounce you can be charged with a felony that can carry a jail sentence up to four years. Only licensed dispensaries can sell marijuana, and if you are caught selling it is a felony that can carry a four year sentence.
  3. Illicit Drugs: While marijuana is the most popular drug, other illicit drug use is completely illegal in Las Vegas and can carry stiff penalties. Many spring break party drugs are going to fall into this category, like MDMA, cocaine, hallucinogenic drugs or many opioids are all illegal to use or possess. First time offenses have the ability to potentially be dismissed if the person takes classes or attends the Nevada Drug Court, which is the state rehabilitation program.

So if you are arrested during spring break in Las Vegas, what will happen to you? If you are over 18, you will be tried as a adult and a conviction will become part of your criminal record. This can have serious consequences on your life beyond the fines and jail time you may face. You may be denied jobs or have other issues that may have a devastating effect on your life. No matter what, this is a serious situation and you need to do everything you can to get the charges dismissed or reduced. The one lesson to know before hand is that if you are arrested, call The Vegas Lawyers before you say a word to anyone. Anything you say can be used against you and will be, so do not give them anything to use. Keep your mouth shut, and do not think that by talking you are going to explain your way out of an arrest. We will do the talking for you.