Las Vegas St. Patrick's Day Lawyers
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Las Vegas St. Patrick's Day Lawyers

Las Vegas St. Patrick’s Day Lawyers

One of the wildest days in Las Vegas is St. Patrick’s Day, on March 17th of every year. Combining a holiday that encourages drinking and bar hopping with a city that does the same is always an interesting mix, so it is a natural fit for Las Vegas to encourage St. Patty’s behavior.  In most cases, there will be sponsored events throughout the city at bars and lounges encouraging the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol, with the background of a green promotional color scheme and possibly a few references to St. Patrick’s day. Let’s face it though, St. Patrick’s day is about drinking. So how does this effect you as a tourist to Las Vegas? Pretty simple, if you get drunk in Vegas and do anything that is illegal, you are probably going to get busted. If you aren’t from Las Vegas, you are going to have to come back to Vegas to appear in court. If you get sentenced, you are going to have to do some time or pay a fine. There is no excuses that are going to get you out of it, and saying “but I am not from around here, I didn’t know about the law” isn’t going to help you either. People only have so much tolerance for drunk people who are acting rowdy, and if you are not also participating in the rowdy and drunken behavior, you are probably even less tolerant. The lesson to be learned is that being drunk “because it is St. Patrick’s Day” or “because I am in Las Vegas” is not going to get you off if you have the cops involved.

One of our criminal lawyers tells the story about a couple of guys from Ireland who were in town on St. Patrick’s Day celebrating. They were drunk and were at the blackjack table, and were moving the chips around after the bets were made, because they thought it was funny. They were not only thrown out by security, but they were arrested. The chances are that they weren’t arrested for moving the chips around, that kind of issue would generally be handled by security and left at that. They were arrested because when security came to handle the situation, they were drunk and were acting rowdy inside of a casino. In any other circumstance they would have just been asked to leave, but now two guys who are from another country have been arrested in Las Vegas, and are going to have to deal with all the fallout that will cause. Will they ever be able to come back to the US? Will they have to come all the way back from another country to appear in front of a judge? Can they be forced to do time in jail in a country they were not citizens of? All of these questions would not be in play if they had simply not been drunk and acting like fools at the blackjack table.

You might be wondering what happened to our St. Patrick’s Day clients. The answer is that they choice the right law firm (us) and we got them off with a small fine. We actually asked the prosecutors to issue them an apology for arresting a couple of Irish guys for partying on St. Patrick’s Day. No, they didn’t apologize, but our clients were happy with getting the sentence reduced to a fine…..

If you get arrested in Las Vegas this St. Patrick’s Day for doing something stupid, give us a call. We are your “Las Vegas St. Patrick’s Day lawyers!”