Marijuana Lounges In Las Vegas
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Marijuana Lounges In Las Vegas

“Where can I smoke marijuana in Las Vegas” is one of the most asked questions on Google in 2019. This is obviously due to the fact that Las Vegas is known as a party city where tourists can come and partake in many of the things that are illegal where they are from.  Because gambling and other “sinful” activities have long been tolerated and legal within the city, it made logical sense that as other states passed recreational marijuana laws that allow for it’s use by citizens without fear of arrest, that Las Vegas and Nevada in general would be on board. In many minds, it actually took far too long for Nevada to catch up to the other states that had already legalized recreational use, but eventually the state did come around and approve the possession and sale of marijuana within specific restrictions. Essentially, anyone over 21 with an ID can purchase marijuana from a dispensary, as well as carry it on their person or in their residence. The restrictions fell mainly on the sale, where only licensed and regulated businesses were allowed to distribute it to customers, and only within specific limits. The main regulations regarding it’s use came in the form of where a person over 21 could use it legally.

Anyone over 21 can use marijuana products legally, as long as it is within their residence or a friend’s residence. It is illegal to smoke or use marijuana products in cars, on the streets or in businesses. It is illegal to smoke in many hotel rooms, as they comply with Nevada Gaming Regulations against the use of federally restricted drugs.  It is illegal to use in public, for all intents and purposes. So if you can buy marijuana and possess it but not use it in almost any circumstance except in your own home, how can tourists partake in the legal weed that we offer? Luckily, on May 1, 2019 the Las Vegas City Council voted to allow “marijuana lounges” to operate within city limits. Even though the state has not yet passed such legislation, the legalization laws allow for districts to make their own rules on the operation of areas specifically for the use of marijuana. This allowed Las Vegas to make the decision to allow for the operation of these “lounges” in order to solve the issue of tourists legally smoking weed. The bill was sponsored by Councilman Bob Coffin, and although there was opposition it was passed with a majority.

The stipulations of the new law will restrict the lounges to only being able to sell paraphernalia and not marijuana itself. Patrons will be able to legally use marijuana products inside, as long as they are outside of public view. For the first year, lounges will only be allowed to be operated by licensed dispensaries, after which it will be reconsidered as far as allowing other types of businesses to operate lounges as well, obviously these types of businesses being bars and other forms of meeting spaces. There are additional regulations in place restricting delivery to these locations and their operation within specific distances from schools and casinos. At the current time, the lounges have yet to be opened, but we will be the first to let you know when they do. We are the Las Vegas marijuana lawyers.