Motorcycle Riding In Las Vegas
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Motorcycle Riding In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a dangerous city. What we mean by this is that there are a lot of vehicles on the street in Las Vegas, and a larger percentage of them than other cities are distracted or potentially DUI. This is simply because of a combination of a few key elements, first off that we are a major city with a lot of people who are on the roads commuting to or from somewhere. The other factors that come into play to make Las Vegas more dangerous than other places is the fact that we are also a tourist city, so people are acting like tourists. This means that they are distracted and looking at things that are not the road, or they are potentially impaired because they have been drinking or partying. This combination of the problems that effect any large city and the additional problems that effect a “party city” make it simply more dangerous to operate a vehicle here, and you stand a better chance of getting into an accident here than elsewhere. The sheer number of accidents that occur also influence the sheer number of injuries that occur as a result of accidents, and when you bring an additional factor of increased motorcycle use into play, you get a deadly combination of elements. In other areas where there is colder weather, there are simply not as many motorcycles on the road every day throughout the year, and when you think about the fact that it is nearly impossible to be in a motorcycle accident without an injury, you can see quickly that Las Vegas has a lot of motorcycle accident injuries.

Riding a bike in Las Vegas is dangerous, and you need to drive defensively in order to keep yourself safe out there in the street. There is nothing around you to keep you safe like there is in a car, so a distracted driver that bumps your back tire at a stoplight will often times result in injuries from falling off the bike. If you are simply riding in your lane and a driver takes a left turn without verifying that there is nobody there, you can easily end up striking the side of the car and being launched over it. Drivers running red lights is commonplace, and if you take off fast after a light turns green you have a good chance of being broadsided by a car that has run the red attempting to make it through the intersection because the light was yellow. All of these types of accidents are potentially deadly as any time your body hits the pavement you stand the potential of injuring or breaking your neck.

So how does a motorcycle rider keep themselves safe from the actions of careless car drivers? The answer is to always assume that the car drivers do not see you or are not paying attention. You have to protect yourself as much as possible, because nobody else out there is on your side. If you are in an accident involving a motorcycle, you should also call an experienced personal injury lawyer. THE VEGAS LAWYERS is your motorcycle wreck attorney.