In A Motorcycle Wreck In Las Vegas? Call The Vegas Lawyers.
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Motorcycle Wreck Injury Lawyer In Las Vegas

If you ride a motorcycle there is one thing that is always on your mind, that thing being the fact that at any point you might get into a wreck. Most bikers don’t think about a motorcycle wreck only involving themselves, like the bike slides out from under you as you go around a corner. Instead, they will usually envision getting hit by a careless driver in a car. Of course there are plenty of instances of a bike wreck being your own fault, if you were speeding or if you were riding in a way that was reckless. Most bikers who are out riding their bikes are actually exercising a far more heightened sense of awareness than those driving cars. They have to in order to ride a bike without it falling over of coming out from under you, which essentially takes the majority of bike riding out of the scope of “distracted.” It is nearly impossible to ride a motorcycle while eating or texting, so the typical types of small wrecks that happen on a daily basis with cars are generally not in the scope of what happens to motorcycles. Unfortunately for the bikers, it is exactly those distracted and careless car drivers that they envision when they think about wrecking on a motorcycle, and anyone who has more than a few hours in the saddle is going to be able to recount more than a few times that they “almost went down” because someone in a car was doing something stupid. This adds up the the majority of accidents that involve motorcycles not being the fault of the motorcycle rider, and also resulting in injury to the rider. It is almost impossible to go down on a bike without getting hurt, and the small collisions that would result in nothing but vehicle damage between cars will usually end up with hospital bills or worse if a bike is involved.

If you ride a bike in Las Vegas, you have probably come across marketing from a couple of different types of businesses. One is the specialized “biker insurance” company and one is the specialized “biker lawyer.” Naturally, any lawyer who has experience with vehicle crashes is going to be able to handle your motorcycle wreck injury case, because they are vehicles that are involved. The injuries that are sustained in motorcycle wrecks are potentially going to be different than is typically seen in a car wreck, but they are all injuries. A lawyer who markets themselves as “the biker lawyer” does not have more ability to get you the compensation you deserve simply because they have ridden a motorcycle and are familiar with how it operates. The “biker lawyers” are generally playing on the camaraderie between bikers, and how bikers should support the businesses of other bikers. It doesn’t mean that they are better at being a lawyer that handles personal injury cases, it simply means that they ride a motorcycle.

Our opinion is that if you are in a motorcycle wreck in Las Vegas, you should hire the best personal injury lawyer possible in order to get the maximum compensation in as quick a time frame as possible. You need to hire a firm that will work hard to make sure that you are taken care of, and that you get everything that is going to help you heal. You need the compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost work and for your bike to be fixed.  We are those lawyers, THE VEGAS LAWYERS. We might not have billboards around Las Vegas picturing us on bikes, but we sure know how to get you the compensation you need in court.