My Friend Got Arrested While On Vacation In Las Vegas. What Now?
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My Friend Got Arrested While On Vacation In Las Vegas. What Now?

No friend or parent wants to get the call in the middle of the night that their child or their friend has been arrested while on vacation in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, a lot of people do get those calls and have to figure out how to navigate a situation they have no experience dealing with.  When someone calls you from jail, asking you to help them, it doesn’t mean that you have any understanding of the process that will actually get them the help they need.  Most people who are called upon when someone that they know has been arrested, have never been arrested themselves.  These people are forced to learn how the system works very quickly, and are hoping to not make any mistakes that will make matters worse.  All they know is that they want to get their loved one out of jail.  In many cases, the people who are called aren’t even in the same state.  This is strange and scary experience for everyone involved, and even though you’re probably quite angry with the person who called you, now you need to understand what is going to happen.

The most common arrests of tourists in Las Vegas are on a few specific types of charges.  The most common involve drug possession or driving drunk.  There are many arrests that also involve alcohol or drugs when people get into fights in Las Vegas, but these are more commonly male than female.  If you have received a call that someone that you know has been arrested in Las Vegas, chances are that they were caught with drugs in one of the nightclubs or pool parties.  This is the most common place that we find tourists getting arrested, and it is usually because they either believe that they aren’t being watched, or didn’t know they would be searched.  The lines to get into the pool parties and the nightclubs are one of the most common places that people find themselves arrested for drug possession.  Usually they didn’t know that the search to get into the club was going to be as interested as it is.  Unfortunately, people trying to sneak drugs into clubs is so commonplace that the security personnel know exactly what to look for.  Just because your friends assume that because you are a woman the security personnel won’t search you, doesn’t mean that you are going to get away with anything.  Once again, trying to hide drugs in the girl’s purse or on her person is so commonplace that they know exactly what to look for.  If you thought that you weren’t being watched while you were in the bathroom or in a cabana, once again you probably found out the hard way you are wrong.  There is always someone watching in Las Vegas.

So now you just want to get your friend or loved one out of jail, what do you do?  The first thing you’re going to need to do is to arrange bail.  This is going to involve several thousand dollars being put up as collateral that the person will show up for court.  If you do not have the money yourself, you’re going to need to contact a bail bondsman in Las Vegas who will do it for you.  If that person doesn’t show up for court then you’re going to lose your money.  The fees that are charged by a bail bondsman are not refundable.  If the person decides to not come back to Las Vegas to face the charges, than a bench warrant will be issued for their arrest.  An outstanding warrant will provide police in any state a reason to arrest the person.  If you’re not from the United States, it is possible that you’ll be denied entry into the country, or arrested upon crossing the border.  No matter what, attempting to run from the charges is not a good idea.

After arranging bail for the person, you will find that they will probably need to spend somewhere between 48 and 72 hours in jail before they see the judge.  This holding time can be different depending if the jail is overcrowded are not.  Sometimes nonviolent offenders are allowed out early in the jail is overcrowded, which happens many times on weekends or holidays.  After the judge has set a bail amount and you have bail arranged, the person will be able to be set free.  They will be provided with documentation regarding their court appearance.  It is common for the court to change the dates of appearances without even informing the person.  It is their responsibility to follow up to make sure they understand when they need to be in court.  There are many times when they will not be required to return to Las Vegas to appear in front of the judge, as long as a criminal defense attorney appears on their behalf.  This is why the next call after the bail bondsman should be to us.  We can help in this time of confusion and need, but you’re going to need to get us involved as soon as possible.