Never Admit You Have Been Drinking In A DUI Stop
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Never Admit You Have Been Drinking In A DUI Stop

Human nature is a weird thing. When placed in a pressure situation people will panic many times, and ultimately hurt themselves more. A perfect example of this is a DUI stop.

First off, let us make something perfectly clear. We are not defending drunk driving or saying that you should drink and drive. We are actually saying exactly the opposite, and think that you should always figure out another way home. Take an Uber or a cab, call a friend, walk all the way home. It doesn’t matter what alternative you find to driving, all of it is better than driving drunk. But if you were at a bar and had a few too many and ended up deciding to try and drive home, looked in the rear view mirror and saw the cop lights, then you are going to have to be cool if you are going to learn a cheap lesson about drunk driving or have it ruin your life. The next few minutes are critical to what will happen to you in the future, and you are going to have to make some hard decisions to protect yourself. The best case scenario is the cop lets you go, but that is probably not going to happen if you have been drinking. The worst case scenario is you lose your license, pay a fine of more than 1100 dollars and possibly go to jail. This next few minutes is going to decide that.

If the cop pulled you over on suspicion of drunk driving, he saw you doing something like weaving or crossing the yellow line. He is going to come up to the car and look for a few things that you probably have if you have been drinking. He will look for slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and a smell of alcohol. If you are wearing sun glasses or chewing gum, he will view that as a way to cover the telltale signs. He is going to ask you if you have been drinking, and this is where human nature fails us. Many people will figure that if they admit it and say it was only a little, the cop will let them go. They are wrong. Admitting guilt is the worst thing you can do in this situation, because the cop is now going to give you field sobriety tests that you will fail. He will put it into the report that you admitted to being DUI and they are going to easily convict you. If you answer “no” to the question and you have the telltale signs of drinking, he will ask you to step out of the car for field sobriety tests. You will fail these tests and incriminate yourself, so you must refuse to take them. You will be arrested at this point, and they will take your blood when you get to the station. You have to understand that this is better than being arrested after admitting that you did it.

When we defend a DUI case, we are trying to get it thrown out on technicalities. We may be able to find problems with the reasons they pulled you over, or the way they conducted the arrest. We may be able to cast doubt if you were DUI at the time of the arrest, even though your blood tests DUI later. Each case is different, but there are only a few rules that must be followed at the time of being pulled over in order to make the punishment for your actions be as light as possible. Admit nothing. Refuse field sobriety tests. Call a Las Vegas DUI lawyer.