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Prostitution or Solicitation

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Arrested for prostitution or solicitation in Las Vegas? Call THE VEGAS LAWYERS at 702-780-6718


What is the maximum sentence for prostitution or solicitation in Nevada? Prostitution or solicitation of a prostitute could bring six months in jail plus fines.


Is prostitution legal in Las Vegas? No. Under Nevada law, prostitution is the exchange of sexual favors for something of value, which in most cases is money. Paying for sex in Las Vegas can land you in jail. The lawyers at TVL have extensive experience fighting prostitution charges on behalf of clients. TVL can craft a defense to show that a person was entrapped, the incident was an innocent misunderstanding or the defendant did not commit the elements of the prostitution charge. A charge of prostitution or solicitation can be embarrassing and career ending. Don’t gamble with your future, get TVL on your side.


And remember, what happens in Vegas could end up in court!


Call us before you say a word.  Call TVL: 702-780-6718