Questions About Accidents While On Vacation In Las Vegas
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accident in Las Vegas

Questions About Accidents While On Vacation In Las Vegas

You have just as much chance of getting into an accident or getting injured in Las Vegas while on vacation than you do at home, potentially even more of a chance due to the fact that there are lots of extra factors in play in tourist locations than in smaller towns. People come to Las Vegas to unwind and relax, and the last thing that they are thinking about while they are here are things like getting into an accident. Unfortunately, you need to prepare for this kind of thing because it is the lack of preparation and understanding what to do that costs people money every day. Due to the confusion of not knowing how the laws work or what to do to document your injury or accident, many people will either receive no compensation at all, or a lowball amount that would be much more if they just understood the process a little better. The best advice we can give you if you are injured while you are on vacation is to retain the services of a personal injury specialized lawyer immediately, and let them help you through the process. If you are injured in Las Vegas, naturally we want for you to call our office at 702-707-7000.

Here are some answers to common questions that people who are involved in accidents while on vacation in other states will ask:

  1. State laws are different in every state. Unless you are accused of a federal crime, most things that happen inside Nevada are being governed by Nevada’s laws. Nevada’s laws may be different than the laws of your home state, and if you are in an accident or injured in Las Vegas the laws that are pertaining to your case are going to be Nevada’s. It is best to consult an attorney who is licensed in the state in which the accident, injury or crime happened in order to make sure that they are familiar with the state laws that apply. In Nevada, THE VEGAS LAWYERS is your best bet for retaining a seasoned legal team that understands the state laws of Nevada.
  2. How does out of state insurance work if the accident is in Las Vegas? Your out of state insurance will usually apply and cover the damages that occur if you are in an accident in Las Vegas, and your medical insurance will usually apply if you are injured. This is not always the case, and you should check with both before your vacation to understand what may or may not apply. Even if you are using out of state insurance, the laws of the state of Nevada still apply.
  3. What about a rental car and insurance if I am in an accident? Most insurance policies cover your rental car out of state, but you need to verify with them if that is the case. Most rental car companies will also offer you additional insurance coverage while you are renting their cars. If you are involved in an accident, you are going to want to call THE VEGAS LAWYERS first, followed by your insurance company and the rental car company. Most rental car companies have contact information in the glove box of the car. Document everything at the accident, and get to a hospital if you need to go.
  4. How does a damaged rental car get fixed? Many times your insurance company will want the car to be fixed locally in Las Vegas, because they do not want to pay the additional towing charges to bring the car to your home state. Ask the insurance company what they want for you to do.
  5. Quality of repairs. Not all body shops are reputable, and many times if they know you are from out of state they might not perform the same quality of repair that they would if you were local. Make sure that you check all repairs for quality before leaving, and if you need to drive the car to your home state and take it to an auto body shop that is suggested by your insurance company.
  6. Who has to pick up the car? You do. Insurance companies are not responsible to deliver the car to you or to the rental car company.
  7. Should you obtain a police report? Yes, make sure you get a police report and always know where the records are kept. It will usually take 10-14 days for the report, so you will need to call once you are home to get it.
  8. Use an auto body shop with nation wide coverage. Using a shop with locations in both Las Vegas and in your home city can avoid problems later if there is an issue with repairs.
  9. Do not make recorded statements to anyone except your own insurance company. Many times the insurance companies other than your own will immediately contact you to make recorded statements about the accident. They will take advantage of your emotional state and ask you questions that can be used against you. Do not make any statements to anyone except police, and potentially your own company. If you have any doubts at all, contact THE VEGAS LAWYERS before making any statement at all.

An accident, being injured or being arrested while in Las Vegas on vacation is going to put a damper on your time here, but it does not have to ruin your life. Take steps to make sure that we can help you get the most for your injuries, or that we can get your sentences reduced or eliminated if you have committed a crime. Anything that happens in Las Vegas is going to stay in Las Vegas as far as being handled in court, so make sure that you have THE VEGAS LAWYERS in your corner when it does.