Robert Rose - The Vegas Lawyers
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Robert Rose

Robert has been an active trial practice lawyer for 20 years, focused primarily on criminal defense. His cases include actions against Kenny Rogers and David Bowie. Represented successfully in jury trials prior Dallas Cowboys, Don Smerek, John Niland, and the late Harvey Martin. Earned as many as five jury not guilty verdicts in a four-week period, four of them carrying a maximum punishment range of life imprisonment. Obtained a not guilty jury verdict on a .25 BAC Intoxication Manslaughter involving an off-duty police officer. Never lost a civil jury trial. Over one hundred jury acquittals. Won the largest heroin case ever in Barstow (seven pounds). Although no longer a practicing attorney, Robert is an integral part of the TVL team. He provides invaluable guidance and assistance on strategic matters designed to achieve optimal case outcomes for TVL clients. Robert helps the lawyers at TVL with jury selection and trial preparation, as well as provide valuable consultation on case presentation.