Smoking Marijuana In Las Vegas? Don't Get Pulled Over.
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Smoking Marijuana In Las Vegas? Don’t Get Pulled Over.

We cannot tell you how many times we have heard people saying “marijuana is completely legal in Las Vegas now. I can’t get arrested.” To say that is wrong is not a strong enough statement, and while you cannot be arrested for buying marijuana from a licensed dispensary as long as you are over 21, or possessing less than an ounce, you can still be arrested for plenty of different marijuana-related offenses. It really is like alcohol, and while you can buy it nearly everywhere you cannot drink it in the parking lot without getting busted. You also can’t drink a bunch of it and drive a car, or give it to minors. There are plenty of marijuana charges that could lead to arrest and even jail time, so don’t assume that just because they legalized it that they aren’t going to enforce the laws. Also don’t think that you can take it over state lines. Just because you bought it here doesn’t mean you can transport it between states, even if it is legal in that state. If you are going to come to Las Vegas and partake in our legal marijuana, it is best to have some facts be understood before you do. A little bit of knowledge can keep you out of jail.

Since marijuana was legalized, metro police are reporting a large increase in DUI related arrests for marijuana. This means that a lot more people are getting pulled over for suspicion of DUI, and are ending up testing over the legal limit when the blood test is done. Very few people actually have a clear understanding of the legal limits for marijuana the same way they do for alcohol. When you are drinking, you can use the “one drink in an hour rule” pretty safely, but how much weed can you smoke before you are DUI? Is it one joint? Is is one drag off a joint? The answer is that it is nearly impossible to tell. This is because every strain of marijuana is different and will be more or less powerful. Everyone’s body also processes marijuana at different rates, so the guy who smoked a joint a few hours ago might test fine while you test DUI even though you only smoked a week ago. There are cases where it stayed in someone’s bloodstream for almost a month and they were still over the legal limits, even though they had long since stopped feeling any effects. In Las Vegas if the driver’s blood contains 2 nanograms per ml. of marijuana (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) or 5 nanograms per ml. of marijuana metabolite (11-OH-tetrahydrocannabinol) then they are legally over the limit.

If you have been smoking marijuana in the last 24 hours and are pulled over, do not admit to smoking or using any marijuana products. They will take your blood when you get to the station, but there is little that can be done about that. Call a Las Vegas marijuana DUI lawyer like The Vegas Lawyers to make sure that you are handling everything correctly, and there is a good chance you may be able to see the charges dropped, or reduced to reckless driving. The main thing to remember is to not give them anything to use against you in court!