The Best Criminal Lawyers In Las Vegas
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The Best Criminal Lawyers In Las Vegas

The Vegas Lawyers is a multiple person legal team that is highly qualified to handle any criminal case it happens in Las Vegas.  We defend citizens against misdemeanor and felony charges as well as DUI and juvenile charges.  The firm was created in 2018 as a single unit that can assist people who have been accused of criminal activity to find justice.  We have multiple attorneys with different criminal specializations and resumes.  We employ private investigators as well as paralegals and legal assistants in order to cover every aspect of your case.  You are not hiring a single lawyer and hoping they will have the time for your case.  You’re hiring an entire criminal legal team that will work hard to make sure we use every tool at our disposal for you.

Our attorneys and legal investigators have many years of collective experience fighting all types of criminal charges including solicitation for prostitution, drug charges, casino markers, drunk driving, larceny, domestic violence and battery.  Our private investigators take a proactive and very aggressive approach to your case.  We make sure we have all of the evidence that is able to be presented in order to secure “not guilty” verdicts.  Our team is your best bet at avoiding jail time, and possibly getting the charges dropped altogether.

Even though we defend any kind of criminal cases, naturally there are some that we see more often than others.  Some of the common charges that we see every day are things like that are EA and domestic violence.  Many people find themselves accused of domestic violence by spouses or significant others who were angry or jealous at them.  We have the ability to fully investigate false accusations in order to help you fight back.  Drunk driving or DUI is another common accusation.  Even if you were arrested with a BAC over the legal limit of 0.08 percent, there is still a good chance that we can help you avoid a DUI conviction and driver’s license suspension.  We have lawyers specialized in DUI that are going to be able to challenge many aspects of the arrest as well as things that might have gone wrong at the crime lab.  Casino markers is a crime that people are often accused of in Las Vegas.  It essentially means that you failed to repay a casino marker in a timely manner, and unfortunately in Nevada this is a felony.  Our negotiators and attorneys can work out deals with the casinos that might get the charges completely dismissed.  Prostitution and solicitation are also quite common in Las Vegas even though it is totally legal in some other Nevada counties.  Unfortunately, it is illegal in Clark county and you can be arrested for prostitution if it appears that you exchanged anything of value for sex.  Tourists, only are arrested for solicitation due to their lack of knowledge that prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas.  We can often get these charges dismissed through a diversion program.

It is important to understand that being arrested does not mean that you’re guilty.  You’re innocent until you have been proven guilty in court, and in order to be convicted the District Attorney must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  The best criminal defense attorneys understand the ways to cast doubt on your guilt in order to avoid penalties.  Understanding how the system works is the greatest asset of the best criminal defense attorneys.  With a roster including seasoned criminal lawyers and former judges, we have that understanding.  Contact us if you need criminal defense of any kind.