What Are The Best Clubs In Las Vegas During Spring Break?
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las vegas spring break nightclubs

What Are The Best Clubs In Las Vegas During Spring Break?

Spring break is here, and March in Las Vegas is lit! You are going to be blowing up your Instagram with pics from Sin City, when you come to town for the biggest party on the planet. Las Vegas was voted he 10th best global destination for spring break, and you don’t even need a passport to get here. If you are coming from Arizona State or any of the Utah or California colleges, you can probably drive here pretty easily so that you don’t even have to pack light. Of course, you probably won’t need much more than a bathing suit and a few t shirts and jeans but it doesn’t hurt to be able to bring your own alcohol in the car. Just make sure you don’t drink and drive once you cross the Nevada state line because there isn’t much tolerance for drunk driving here (if you do get busted for drunk driving, THE VEGAS LAWYERS are the best DUI lawyers in Las Vegas.) Also, don’t think that just because marijuana is legal here that you can’t get busted for it, it is totally illegal to smoke it in your car and the punishments are stiff. So you are ready to come in and get your party on, but where are the best nightclubs to party in Vegas during spring break? Here is our list:

  1. Hakkasan Nightclub. Hakkasan is at MGM Grand, and it features a nightly lineup of the best DJs and guest stars anywhere. The place is absolutely nuts, and once the party gets going it doesn’t stop until you can’t party any more. Because this place is so popular, you are going to want to hook up with a host in order to make sure you get in and can get a seat. It isn’t cheap, but when some of the most famous DJs on earth are spinning in the room, you have to expect to pay a little more. Check their website for the nightly calendar.
  2. Foxtail Nightclub and Pool. Foxtail is at SLS, which is at the far end of the strip. If you are staying at PH or Hardrock, you are going to need to take an UBER to get there or you will have a long walk ahead of you. Foxtail is an 8,000 square foot ultra lounge that has room for 500 spring break party people, so expect the time to be crazy from the moment you arrive.
  3. Marquee Day Club. Marquee is at the Cosmo, and is considered one of the hottest clubs in Vegas at the moment. Because of that designation you can expect long lines during spring break, so make sure you hook up with a host who can get you in without the wait. Don’t buy those passes that guys hand out to you, they are worthless. Marquee is going to be the place to see people and be seen, and features some of the hottest wait staff members you will see anywhere.

So are you ready to hit the clubs in Vegas during spring break? Do it safe and smart, don’t get wasted and drive and don’t act stupid and get busted. But if you do call THE VEGAS LAWYERS and we will get you off.