What Are The Best Spring Break Hotels In Vegas?
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What Are The Best Spring Break Hotels In Vegas?

If you are coming to Las Vegas for spring break, you have probably already booked your room. If you haven’t yet, there is a good chance that you are going to have a difficult time finding one, because even though Las Vegas has more hotel rooms than most places on earth, times like spring break that attract a lot of people to town all at once are going to see the hotels getting all booked up pretty quickly. They get booked quickly if they are the hotel rooms that are in demand, and what you will be left with are the ones that nobody else wants. When you are in Las Vegas for an event like spring break, you are going to want to be where the action is, and that means the right hotel that is catering to spring breakers. What makes a hotel the best choice is going to depend on the people you are asking, and what they are looking for. In the case of the best hotels in Las Vegas for spring breakers, that information is probably going to include which hotels are not only the nicest and have the best pools and bars, but also which hotels are most willing to look the other way with regards to the things that spring breakers like to do. Yes, a lot of this is going to be things that are probably illegal, and which hotels are going to be the ones who won’t call the cops on you.

So which are the best Las Vegas hotels for spring break partying?

  1. Planet Hollywood. PH not only caters to spring breakers, it encourages you to not only sleep there but also stay onsite to party. Planet Hollywood features the ultimate Las Vegas pools. Located on the resort’s rooftop, The Scene Pool Deck offers two separate pool decks, two pool bars, live DJs, 31 cabanas and daybeds. This Las Vegas summer party can get crazy, so be prepared for action. PH also features some killer rooms and great bars on the premises, so you won’t get busted walking around too much on the strip doing the things that you crazy college kids love to do.
  2. The Cosmopolitan. The Cosmo’s tagline is “Just the right amount of wrong,” and they live up to it. The place is absolutely beautiful and caters to a younger crowd than most of the strip casinos and hotels. The Cosmo has the Boulevard Pool Deck as well as the Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub, which is one of the hottest spots in Las Vegas this year to see people and be seen yourself. Here’s a tip, make sure you bring your A game to Marquee during spring break, because you are going to be surrounded by the most attractive college students on the planet.
  3. The Hard Rock. The Hard Rock is in it’s last year as a branded hotel in Las Vegas, and is going to be taken over and rebranded by the Virgin group later in the year. The pool at the Hardrock is the stuff of legends, and there have even been reality TV shows made with it as the backdrop. Don’t expect that you are going to get much sleep at the Hardrock during spring break, because the party goes all night and day. Let’s face it, you didn’t come here to sleep any way.

So now that you know the best hotels in Las Vegas during spring break where you stand the least chances of getting busted by the cops, here is what you can do if you get popped while you are here. If you get busted for any of the stupid stuff that college kids get busted for every year, underage drinking, illicit drug possession, DUI, or public indecency give us a call immediately. These things can really screw up your vacation, and your life afterward if you are convicted. You need the best spring break lawyers in Vegas representing you, to make sure that a little mistake during spring break doesn’t come back to haunt you. 702-707-7000