What Drug Crimes Are Most Common In Las Vegas?
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What Drug Crimes Are Most Common In Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is the kind of city that encourages our visitors to have a good time.  While you may see advertisements that allude to the suggestion that our police do not and forced the law with regards to party crimes, nothing could be further from the truth.  Every year, tourists who come to Las Vegas and break the law are arrested and put in jail.  While there are many kinds of crimes that are committed all the time, the most common involve drugs and alcohol.  The reason for this is pretty simple, Las Vegas is a party city.  Having too much to drink and getting out of line is probably the most common reason for being arrested in the city.  People get into fights or trespass where they are not allowed to be when they’re drinking.  Couples get into domestic violence situations and call 911.  All of these result in the arrest of at least one of the people, and unfortunately for these people they now need to figure out a legal system works.  Drugs are the most common felony charges that are seen by tourists to the city.  The majority of these arrests are due to the simple fact of people believe that the police will not arrest them for something that is not a violent crime.  Even though marijuana is now legal, illicit drugs are not.  People are arrested every day for possession of illegal substances or paraphernalia.  The majority of these people have no idea how the system works, and probably have not been arrested before.  While this is unfortunate, the single best thing you can do is to contact a criminal lawyer in Las Vegas immediately upon learning of the arrest of a friend or loved one.  That criminal lawyer will be able to guide them through the system, and potentially get the charges reduced or dropped so as not to have a conviction on their record.

The most common places that people are arrested for drugs in Las Vegas may surprise you.  The majority of people who were arrested for possession find that they are arrested either in line at a club pool party, or inside of the location itself.  If they managed to sneak drugs into a club, they will think that there not being watched in the bathrooms or in a cabana they might have rented.  It is common for security to patrol these areas posed as regular patrons in order to observe and look out for drug activity.  It is also common for employees of the club to be instructed to watch out for drug activity.  They will generally not confront the person that they witness directly, and instead will simply call police resulting in the arrest.  It is very common for roots of people to choose the most innocent looking female in the group to hold the drugs.  They assume that because she is female she will not be searched.  They learn the hard way that the searches that are conducted to get into the clubs and pool parties are quite intrusive.  They will look through every pocket and open every zipper, they may pat you down or search your person.  At the end of the day the best advice that we can give is to not try to sneak drugs into any of the pool parties were nightclubs in the city.  You have almost no chance of succeeding, and you will be arrested.  If this is happened contact us immediately.  You’re familiar with the system, and we can help.