What To Do If You Are Arrested During Spring Break In Las Vegas.
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busted las vegas

What To Do If You Are Arrested During Spring Break In Las Vegas.

If you are reading this article you probably got arrested in Las Vegas, or someone that you know is sitting in jail right now downtown and you are trying to figure out what to do. If you are a college student and you are here on spring break, you probably got arrested for one of a few crimes that college kids get popped for all the time in March, underage drinking, DUI, smoking weed in public or indecent exposure. You may have been involved in a fight on the strip or in one of the nightclubs. Security might have tossed you out and had the cops come pick you up. No matter what happened, you are probably not having a very good time right now, and you are wondering what to do to minimize the effects this is going to have on your vacation and the rest of your life. Let us give you some advice, take it seriously because if you don’t it is going to have a big impact. What happens in Vegas follows you home, and ruins your life if you aren’t careful. A felony conviction can cause you to not be able to get some jobs in the future, or get loans. Employers don’t care that you were on spring break and were being stupid, they just see that felony on your application and throw it away.

So what do you do if you have been arrested for a crime in Las Vegas while you are here for spring break, or while you are here for any vacation? There are a few simple rules to follow:

  1. Shut up. You are not going to talk your way out of an arrest, and the cops aren’t going to take your side if you plead your case to them. Anything that you say can be used against you in court, and it will. Don’t make any statements at all, and request a phone call to your lawyer before you answer any questions. Call THE VEGAS LAWYERS immediately at 702-707-7000 and we will speak for you to the police and to the judge when necessary. We will take care of everything for you the proper way, that will give us the ability to get the charges dropped or mitigated. Anything you say to anybody could possibly work against us getting your charges dismisses, so keep your mouth shut.
  2. Don’t post anything on social media. We can’t tell you how many times this screws things up. Talking about your arrest of the situation that got you arrested on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter can make matters way worse for you. All of your posts can be used against you as an admission of guilt. Do not post anything regarding the situation, even if it is only to your close friends.
  3. You will have to come back unless we represent you. If you get arrested in Vegas and need to appear in front of a judge, you are going to have to come back to Vegas to do it. This can be really inconvenient, and it can also let people back home know that you got arrested while you were here. If you hire us to represent you, then we can arrange it that we will appear in court on your behalf, which means that you might not have to come back in person. Remember that you are going to need to make these arrangements in advance, so call us as soon as possible after your arrest.
  4. Your record. You have almost no chance of getting out of an arrest on your own, and almost no chance of getting charges against you dropped or mitigated on your own. A good criminal lawyer in Las Vegas (THE VEGAS LAWYERS) is the only way that you are potentially going to get this off your record. We know the laws and have seen it all before, so take this seriously.

If you have been arrested in Las Vegas during spring break or any other time, call THE VEGAS LAWYERS before you say anything or make any statements at all. Our phone number is 702-707-7000. In a party town like this, it can be the most important number that you remember.