When Out Of State Tourists Get Arrested For Drug Possession in Las Vegas.
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When Out Of State Tourists Get Arrested For Drug Possession in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, it is far more common than many people realize for out of state visitors to be arrested for drug possession.  Because Las Vegas is a party town, many people are under the assumption that the police will look the other way, or take mercy on you because you are a visitor.  Nothing is further from the truth, and people are arrested every day for drug possession charges in Las Vegas.  Many other people do not realize that drug possession in Nevada is a felony, and if you were arrested you’re going to need to hire a lawyer to defend your case.  If you have been arrested on drug possession or drug trafficking charges in Las Vegas, we urge you to call us immediately.  A conviction for felony drug charges is going to have a terrible effect on the rest of your life.

So where in Las Vegas do the majority of drug arrests happen?  The majority of people who are not from Las Vegas who are arrested for drug possession have the incident occur at a few very common locations.  These locations are usually inside of nightclubs or bars, while waiting in line for a pool party for nightclub, or inside a pool parties themselves.  Within these locations as well as other areas in Las Vegas that are under surveillance, (or have routine visits from casino employees,) the most obvious place that people get observed doing drugs is inside of bathrooms, bathroom stalls or in cabanas.  The spaces that you would typically think are not under surveillance in other cities are probably under surveillance in Las Vegas.  While there may not be cameras in bathrooms, oftentimes there are employees of the casino or the nightclub patrolling these areas by posing as customers.  Don’t think that you are not being watched, because you are.

Another place that many people don’t realize is one of the most common places to get arrested for drugs in Las Vegas is while waiting in line to enter in nightclub or a pool.  The security checks that you may have experienced in other cities are probably not as intrusive as the security checks that you’ll experience entering these kinds of places in Las Vegas.  Every single pocket in a handbag or your wallet is going to be checked.  There is also good chance that you will be patted down by security personnel.  If drugs are found you will not be simply asked to leave.  You will be arrested and taken to jail.  Many times, people think that having a woman hold contraband in their purse or on their person is going to get the drugs into the club.  Once again, many people are shocked by the intrusiveness of the searches that happen.  They are also shocked that they can be arrested for possession even though they were only holding the drugs for someone else.  In Las Vegas you can still be charged with drug possession even if they’re not yours due to the fact that you were the one who had physical control over the drugs when the search happened.

Inside a pool parties many people think they’re safe.  It is very common to have drug arrests occur inside the pool party even though the pools are attempting to provide a relaxing atmosphere.  It is very common for staff or security to see illegal drug activity inside of cabanas or in the pool bathrooms.  The staff of the club will generally not confront you about it, and instead will contact security and the police to make an arrest.  This can happen even hours after you were seen with drugs.

So which drugs are most common for arrests in Las Vegas?  Overwhelmingly the most common drugs that people are arrested for in Las Vegas are cocaine an ecstasy.  In the past there may have been an equal amount of marijuana arrests, but since the legalization of marijuana happened the possession of that drug is legal.  Just because marijuana is legal in Nevada does not mean that possession of other controlled substances are legal.  With respect to cocaine in ecstasy, as well as many other party drugs, the possession of these substances is a felony.

So what happens after you were arrested?  You are going to spend time in jail, it’s as simple as that.  Over the weekends the jails and Las Vegas will generally face overcrowding problems due to the fact that many people are arrested during the major party times in the city.  If you are a nonviolent misdemeanor offender or potentially even a nonviolent felony offender, you will generally be released first during overcrowding situations.  If it is the weekend or during a major holiday or convention time, it is almost guaranteed that the jail will be overcrowded.  People who were arrested for drugs are usually released after a 48 hour hearing.  In this case a video hearing is conducted were a judge reviews the case and determines the charges and bail amount.  If you were not released within the first 48 hours, there is a good chance that you’ll face a 72 hour hearing.  This means that you will be held in custody until the next weekday morning or 72 hours later depending on which comes first.  In these cases you will either be assigned a public defender who can argue for your release, or you may be given a release on bail.

How do I post bail in Las Vegas?  The bail system is sometimes kind of complicated in Las Vegas.  The best thing that you can do if you have the money is to post bail yourself.  If you don’t have the money it may be a good idea to attempt to contact friends or family to post bail for you.  Usually the bail amount for drug charges in Las Vegas is $3000 or higher for a single drug charge.  You can hire a bail bondsman to post bail on your behalf, and they will take care of the process for you if necessary.  The fees that the bail bondsman charges for the service are not returned when you appear in court.  The bail amount is returned to the person who posted it only after the criminal charges are resolved.

What will you need to do after you are released?  Once your released from a Las Vegas jail, you’re going to be given paperwork with your scheduled court date and the charges you’re facing.  The court does have the option of changing the date of your court appearance, sometimes without notifying you.  It is very important to continually check the status of your court date in order to protect yourself.  If you fail to show up for your court date, a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest.  Bench warrants do not expire and stay on your record until they are resolved.  Bench warrants give police the reason to arrest you regardless of what state you live in.  If you have a bench warrant for your arrest it is always good to speak to a criminal defense lawyer before doing anything.

If you are a person from out of state and are arrested for drugs in Las Vegas, a conviction will result in that crime being put into the records.  This means that during any background check that happens in the future your arrest in Las Vegas for drug possession will come up.  It does not matter if it is another state or city.  If you’re from another country, being arrested for drugs in Las Vegas is even worse.  It can have very serious implications on your life.  For example, the immigration service can potentially deny you entrance into the United States, or may arrest you at the border when you enter.

So what should you do if you’re facing drug possession charges in Las Vegas?  The best thing you can do is to deal with the problem head on instead of running from it.  Face the charges and complete any sentence that you’re given.  After that point you can explore the options of sealing a record.  Because drug possession is a felony, can have serious implications for the rest of your life.  These kinds of convictions will hurt you long after you leave Las Vegas.  It is important to understand that if you have been charged with drug possession in Las Vegas you need to take care of it immediately.  At this point you are only facing charges, and charges do not mean you’re guilty.  Only after a conviction will these issues manifest themselves.  Many times the salvaging of the rest of your life boils down to how good your criminal defense attorney was.  We can help, contact us immediately.