Where Can You Smoke Weed In Las Vegas?
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Where Can You Smoke Weed In Las Vegas?

So weed is now legal in Las Vegas as of last year, and that means that anyone who is over 21 and who has an ID can legally buy it from a local dispensary. The limitations on the amount of marijuana that a person can buy at any one time from a dispensary is up to one ounce of flower or one-eighth ounce of concentrates (shatter, wax and carbon dioxide oil.) If you have a medical marijuana card, then you are going to be able to purchase a larger amount per visit and you are probably going to pay less than a recreational customer, as most dispensaries will give a 10-20% discount on the same products to medical customers. The marijuana is exactly the same if you are a medical customer or a recreational customer, and all marijuana sold in dispensaries goes through the same approval process for sale. The strength of the product does not have to do with medical vs recreational use, but instead has to do with the strain. Consult your dispensary customer service person for advice on which products to buy.

When you are transporting your marijuana that you have legally purchased from the dispensary, make sure that it is not opened from the sealed bag that it cam in. You are not allowed to have an open container of marijuana inside a car within arm’s reach of the driver or any minors inside the car. You are not allowed to smoke weed in your car, and if you are found to be under the influence of marijuana while operating a motor vehicle the penalties are the same as DUI. When you have marijuana in your car, the best thing to do is to drive straight home and put it into safe keeping. You are not allowed to cross state lines with marijuana in your car, even if you are driving to another state like California where it is legal for recreational use. Driving over state lines enters the federal regulation area, and is illegal. Transporting weed over state lines is a federal offense, and is considered trafficking just like other drugs.

So now to answer the big question, “where can I smoke weed in Las Vegas?” There is only one answer at this point, inside a private residence. You are not allowed to smoke weed or consume edibles in public places, in your car or in your hotel room. That’s correct, you can buy weed as a tourist in Las Vegas but you cannot smoke or use it unless you have access to a private residence. Your hotel room or casino is not a private residence even though you rented it, and casino hotels are regulated by the NGC which is very strict about these matters. Quite simply, you need to know someone with an apartment or a house in Las Vegas that they own or are renting if you are going to smoke marijuana. Nowhere else is legal and can get you busted.