Will I get A Bigger Settlement If I Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?
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Will I get A Bigger Settlement If I Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

A really common question that people ask after they have been injured is if they will receive a bigger settlement by hiring a personal injury lawyer, or simply accepting the settlement that is offered to them. If you have been injured recently, this question is probably going through your head because you are considering hiring a lawyer, but you are concerned that the fees that the lawyer will charge you are going to take away part of your settlement. Of course, the lawyer fees are deducted from the total settlement and are usually a percentage of it, but what most people are trying to figure out is if they hire the personal injury lawyer and have the fees deducted, would that total be more than if they just took the settlement that was offered in the first place. Naturally, the size of the settlement is going to have a lot to do with the lawyer themselves, because if they just do the minimum amount of work necessary to get a settlement it is probably not going to get much extra for you. A personal injury lawyer who is specialized in this specific type of case and who has experience with the system is probably going to get you more than somebody who isn’t specialized, but aside from the obvious quality of the lawyer themselves, we can answer that statistically you will get more money if you hire a lawyer than if you do not. In addition, you will probably be more able to allow the case to go longer because you are not being pressured to settle too soon. How can you possibly know how much a case is worth as a settlement when a large portion of that settlement is based on medical bills. If the medical treatment is ongoing and will take months or even years to complete, how will you know what the totals will be in order to assess how much the case is worth? A good personal injury lawyer is going to assist you in getting what you need now, so that the case can play out until treatments are completed. If that means paying for your lost work and medical bills out of their own pocket until the case is done, then a good personal injury attorney will do exactly that.

Lets look at two statistics from the Insurance Research Council that were published in 1999. First, insurance companies pay out more than 85% of all bodily injury claims. That means that in the overwhelming majority of cases it is an insurance company you are going up against and not the person who directly injured you. Insurance companies are well versed in how to handle these things to their own benefit, and not yours. You can rest assured that the settlement they offer you is not going to be as much as if you fought for it. Second, 3.5 times more money is paid out on average to people who are represented by attorneys. Yes, you read that correctly. If you are not represented by an attorney your settlement is likely to be 3.5 times less than if you were. Lets do some simple math here, if you were injured and offered 100,000 dollars as a settlement by the insurance company, there is a good chance that you would win 3.5 times that amount if you were represented by a personal injury lawyer. That’s 350,000 dollars, and minus the lawyer’s fee (usually no more than 40% if the case goes all the way to trial) that would be 210,000 dollars. Statistically that means that people represented by a personal injury lawyer will receive more than double the amount of settlement than if they tried to go it alone. The process will also be easier, and we do all the work for you. You don’t have to do investigations and get witnesses to make statements. You don’t have to gather evidence or try to figure out how to survive until the settlement comes through. We are here for you, and we are your best shot at getting compensated fairly.

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