Yes Driving Buzzed In Las Vegas Gets You A DUI.
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Yes Driving Buzzed In Las Vegas Gets You A DUI.

People are continually asking about the legal limits for DUI in Las Vegas. The reason they are curious is because Las Vegas is a drinking city and most of us also have to drive everywhere. That means there are going to be plenty of cases where you are drinking alcohol and driving within the next 24 hours. The safest way to avoid a DUI is to never drive within 24 hours of drinking alcohol, but because so many people do, understand the amount of alcohol you can drink and still test under the legal limits is important. When the cops ask you if you have been drinking and you answer “yes, but….” you have admitted that you are guilty. When they ask you to take tests of the amount of alcohol you have in your blood and you test higher than the limit, you have provided them evidence to convict you. Here is what you need to understand before you ever get into that situation.

In Las Vegas, the legal limitations for BAC while operating a motor vehicle are as follows: .08% for adults, .04% for commercial drivers and .02% for children under 21. If you have anyone under 15 in the car the BAC limit is 0%. This translates as follows for most average sized people: one drink of any kind containing alcohol will probably put you at the threshold of DUI if you had it within an hour of the test. Your body will process alcohol at a rate of about one drink per hour, so you need to wait two hours for two drinks, etc. Long before this time frame has been reached, you will begin to feel less drunk. You will probably “feel ok to drive” long before you have actually processed the alcohol in your blood stream, and if you have done things to clear your head like drink coffee it will probably happen even sooner. You are still over the legal limit, and when they ask you to take the breathalyzer you will fail. This is why it is important that if you have had more than one drink in the last hour you must refuse to take the tests. You must answer “no” when they ask if you have been drinking. They will arrest you for refusal to take the tests and they will take your blood at the station. You were going to be arrested anyway, so this is the best way to go.

When they ask you questions you need to refuse to answer them and ask to call a lawyer. Contact The Vegas Lawyers at 702-707-7000 before answering any questions, even if it is overnight and you cannot reach us. Do not think that answering questions will be better for you because they will let you go. They will use this evidence to convict you and that is going to be far worse than the night in jail. We will work on getting the stop challenged and also challenging the results that were tested. We will work to get the case thrown out because they did not follow the rules. As long as you don’t convict yourself by handing it to them, we have a shot of getting you through this without a conviction.