You Were Arrested For DUI In Las Vegas. Here Is What To Do Next.
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You Got A DUI. What Should You Do Next?

You felt fine. You were driving home from happy hour and you saw the cop’s lights in the rear view mirror. He came up to the car and said you were weaving, and he also says he smells alcohol on you. He probably followed you out of the bar parking lot and knew you were inside, which probably means you have been drinking. He asked you if you had been drinking tonight. When you answered “I only had one” you actually admitted guilt. He wasn’t asking you how much you had to drink, he was asking if his suspicions that you had been drinking were correct. You just incriminated yourself by answering anything but “no.” Aside from the drinking and driving, that was your first mistake. Your second mistake is believing that if you plead your case to the cop, he will let you go. As soon as he asks you to step out of the car and take a breathalyzer test, you are going to be arrested. The only way to pass the sobriety test is if you have had less than one drink in the last hour if you are a normal size adult. The legal limits in Las Vegas for BAC (blood alcohol content) are .08% for adults, .04% for commercial drivers and .02% for anyone under 21. This means one drink in an hour for an adult, and less than half a drink in an hour for everyone else. A beer or a glass of wine counts as a drink, just like a shot or any mixed drink. Have more than one within an hour of driving, and you are probably DUI. You should have refused the tests because all that evidence is going to be used against you in court. You were going to be arrested anyway, so not giving them evidence to convict you would have been beneficial.

Now you have been released from spending the night in jail, and you are wondering what is going to happen next. The best thing you can do is hire an experienced Las Vegas DUI lawyer. We will be able to investigate if the DUI stop was legal, and if all the tests were performed correctly. We can challenge the results and potentially get your charges dropped. If we can’t get the charges dropped we are going to ask for the most minimum sentence you can get. If you were to stand in front of the judge without a DUI lawyer’s help, you can get fines, community service or jail time, traffic school and even lose your license. If the judge is in a really bad mood, you can get a combination of all of these things. Only a DUI lawyer who knows the system is going to understand how to get you off light.

You already made a bunch of mistakes, and now it is time to start making some better choices. Yes, our DUI services are going to cost a little bit of money but it is way less than having your life ruined.